Mens Velvet Blazer

Shop the best deals on our online collection of men's Velvet Blazers with Free Shipping over $99. Until recently, the mens velvet blazer was ignored in the fashion world. It seems that those who are fashionably dressed deemed the blazer, dinner jacket, or sport coat as old-fashioned. Not anymore. Like so many other men, Blazers go away and come back a generation later to take over with Stacy Adams Shoes. Another way to wear a men's velvet blazer is with dark-colored dress pants. With your favorite pair of well-polished dress shoes. Please don't wear those old beaters buried in the bottom of your closet. It just doesn't work. If your shoes look good, then you'll look good. That's my Mantra.

Men's velvet blazers and dinner jackets, like many other garments from long ago, have made a good comeback. The difference is the fabric and how a men's velvet blazer should be worn. Like all fashion, things that come back into style come back in a changed manner. The cut of the coat, width, and style of the lapels, fabric, and design have all changed. Everything about the velvet sports coat is modern now. Not a 1970s relic whatsoever. The fabric no longer feels like it was made from a cheap sofa. Textile manufacturers go out of their way to ensure that the velvet they manufacture has a soft and luxurious hand. These new men's velvet dinner jackets are made of cotton velvet, which has a soft feel. Very luxurious to the touch. Old-fashioned velvet was like the stuff they put on those red lint brushes. Not this velvet. Although some men might call them velvet suit jackets, that is not the right term. A velvet suit jacket would suggest that this is part of an actual suit when this is simply an article to be worn with other slacks. There are a couple of different types of velvet jackets available. The first is the more traditional-looking suit jacket style. That is primarily a single-breasted blazer jacket with notch-style lapels and classic flap-style pockets in front. The blazer may or may not have side vents in the back. It really depends on the style at the moment. In this era, side vents are in vogue, and you'll find them everywhere. The second main type of velvet blazer is the tuxedo jacket style variety. This blazer most certainly has that black tie going on with its shiny black satin lapels and satin-covered buttons, deeming this blazer a tuxedo jacket. You will find that color is never just black. You can find these velvet blazers in many fashion colors for whatever whim you may have, from your basic black to navy blue to burgundy. Then, it can get crazy with bold colors like red, orange, and yellow. There really isn't any color that velvet blazers are not made in these days. Now, if you don't go crazy with style and fashion, your best bet would be to go with your more basic velvet blazer style. This is the most versatile jacket that can be worn dressed up with a button-down shirt and even a tie if you wish and some nice slacks, or dress the blazer down big time with some nice jeans, a more casual button-down shirt, and something interesting on your feet like some nice Mezlan shoes. During the Fall and Winter months, you can let your sense of style come through when you wear a velvet blazer. The velvet fabric is certainly mesmerizing as well. If you are single and go to clubs on Friday and Saturday nights, be reassured that the ladies you are conversing with don't happen to be able to resist feeling the velvet fabric on your blazer. Don't try that with the ladies; feel their fabric. Did you ever watch that Seinfeld episode?
  • Velvet Men's Blazers can be dressed up or down.

Velvet blazers and dinner jackets do have a certain way about them. They look great in a casual dress, such as with a pair of jeans and a dress shirt. Fantastic Club Attire. Some guys wear them with French Cuff dress shirts with French cuffs folded over the sports coat sleeve. Now, that look will only work in a casual setting. Don't try it at work on casual Fridays. Just a little too risque for the boss. Velvet blazers are really for wearing when you're on your own clock enjoying the fruits of your labor. Let's say you are the type of man who, when going out, throws on a button-down shirt with a sweater on top of that. Pretty standard. How about doing something more exciting, keeping that sweater in the drawer it belongs in and wearing what you're wearing with a velvet blazer instead. Suddenly, instead of looking like some mild-mannered teacher or someone's dad, you have some style just because you're wearing a velvet blazer instead. Here's a little insight. You'll have the comfort and warmth of the sweater you would wear because the velvet blazer will make a great substitution. You will be highly comfortable wearing it and may even like wearing the blazer better than the sweater.
  • Try wearing a blazer instead of a sweater.

If you're old enough to remember style and fashion from the very early 1990s, you would have remembered a look that involved a Melton fabric blazer, a thicker and softer fabric worn equally by both men and women, especially in New York. The velvet blazer mimics that whole look from back then, except stay away from those Dan Post cowboy boots worn with those blazers back then and pull out the shoulder pads as well. The modern-day velvet blazer has a more tailored fit that looks perfect with our modern era of style. No more broad padded shoulders, baggy fit, and closed-back styles permitted. Let that era stay right where it is and move forward.
  • Wear a Tuxedo Style for Black Tie events.

Now, if you're going for the black tie with a velvet blazer, You need to make sure your blazer is up to snuff for that whole black tie thing. I'm talking satin here. You need to ensure that if you wear a black tie, the velvet blazer you choose to wear must have the following on it. Satin lapels and satin-covered buttons express that your blazer has a more formal look. Your basic velvet blazer will look different in a formal setting because it will have basic buttons where you see the actual stitches and plain velvet lapels. It will look like you are just wearing a casual-looking blazer in a formal setting. When you have to go somewhere special, it always matters how you dress and when the time comes for a black tie event. You must go the extra mile and do it right first. So, as you can see, the velvet blazer is not your one-trick pony, nor should it be. The comfort and style that velvet blazers possess will have you wearing them regularly once you discover how great they look and how comfortable they feel. You'll break the ice by getting yourself one color and soon get yourself another color, looking for any excuse to wear it.