Mandarin Collar Suits

Shop the best deals on our affordable online collection of mens Mandarin collar suits with Free Shipping. If you shop online for a Mandarin collar suit, Contempo is the place to buy them for less. Some men call them Mandarin collar suits or Nehru suit. Some folks refer to them as Chinese collar suits. These are even known as the Mao suit named after former Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung. There are even people out there who call them banded collar suits. Whichever way to like to refer to these stylish fashion suits, one thing remains clear as a bell. These Nehru collar suits online are packed with attitude and are not the type of suit you would or could ever consider wearing to an office type job. A Chinese collar style suit is by its very essence a fashion type suit. These are for men with a cutting edge style who favor a uniqueness in their clothing prefer to wear. They are quite different from Double Breasted Suits. These Mandarin collar suits come in a bunch of fashion colors and exhibit a fashionable approach to dress suits. Mandarin style or Chinese collar suits are very clean in their looks and can be worn with your basic dress shirt. For a different look, you can wear a mock neck or banded collar shirt if wearing tie is just not on your agenda that particular day. Chances are you're going to need some new dress shoes as well.