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Shop the best deals on our online collection of Stacy Adams shoes at with Free Shipping. The Stacy Adams shoe company was originally created for the purpose of solving a problem. The problem that was solved back in 1875 is that there were no affordable stylish dress shoes for men in America. This was one of the first brand names that were developed for men who wanted to shop for shoes with style and not just basic footwear. When you buy their dress shoes, you are making a commitment to the long-time tradition of stylish men's fashion shoes. This is one of the best fashion footwear brands for men. They dedicate their collection to a combination of both modern and vintage style old school 1920s styles. The man who wears fashionable and exotic Italian styles is a man who appreciates both the best deals, style and quality. They look great with a Double Breasted Suit for that classic 1940s style. The fashion and vintage era-inspired old-school-style you can shop for online are made of only the finest calfskin uppers you can buy. Combine that with quality linings for comfort and leather soles for durability. You'll get the very best Italian style that goes great with Italian Cut Suits. You will receive style and quality with every pair from

If you have ever wondered why you need to buy Stacy-Adams instead of some other brand. There are three very big reasons to do so. It can be easily summed up into three easy-to-remember words. Style, Quality, and Price. These are things that this iconic brand has excelled at from the very beginning when William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams bumped into each other in a shop back in 1875 and noticed that there were no stylish offerings for men compared to the shoes that were found in Europe at the time.

Best reasons to buy Stacy's.

Price is always a consideration when you're shopping and unless you're a trust fund baby, you take your paycheck seriously. You'll find that with Stacy's, you won't bust your wallet wide open or close to it. This company has always catered to men that like to get the most for their fashion-allocated dollar. You'll find that most of their products are under a hundred dollars and look like five hundred dollar style Italian shoes. The goal of this company has always been that they want to make an Italian-style shoe without the eye-watering Italian price tag. If you have ever looked online at an Italian shoe and then at their prices. You would think that everyone that buys these shoes has to be a Millionaire. The quality of this company's brand shoes is perfect for the man who wants the most for his money. Style is the first selling point that makes them so popular. Quality is the second reason. Their collection of shoes is all made of leather uppers that allow your feet to breathe, unlike lesser a shoe which is made of man-made materials only. Many of the styles available have leather soles as well that you find on more expensive brand dress shoes. There are many men who only wear them because of their combination of style, fit, and quality for the money.

Why do their oxfords look expensive?

Stacy Adam's express mission is to create the same exact style of shoes that you see Italian designers make but make them at a price that the average person can afford and not have his lights shut off because he couldn't pay his electric bill. If there is a new trendy style from Italy that is all the rage but costs over five hundred dollars, you can guarantee that they are making a version of that shoe that will retail for under a hundred dollars.

Are Stacy's created for style minded men?

These two gentlemen even back then knew that style matters to men as well as women. There is no reason for men to be left with standard-looking shoes that have no style to them whatsoever. They couldn't shop for anything worth wearing. It was this reason and this reason alone that the company was founded. Now let's fast-forward to the modern era and see what makes these shoes popular year after year and generation after generation. We go right back to style. The style of Stacy's mimics the super high-end designer shoes coming from Italy. Italy has long been known as the design leader when it comes to shoes whether they are for gentlemen or women. Their designers simply seem to be the innovators that leave everyone else catching up. The design team knows this and takes full advantage of this fact by finding out what new styles and trends are going to be for coming up and uses this info to create their new line for the upcoming season.

Where are SA designed?

The design team from SA is no exception, and they are right there with all the other designers and taking notes on what they should make and create for the upcoming season. Their main designer takes most if not all of his/her inspiration from designer brands from Italy. Let's say that a certain Italian designer comes out with a certain design like a square toe lace-up that has a new unique look and employs it in an oxford. If the style is successful, it is more than likely to get copied by the design team.

Their oxfords mimic Italian designer styles.

Their design team will take many styles that look like something that their customer base would like. It's at that point they will make versions of their own and even design their own new versions. They may be tweaked in some manner for a unique look and then make several different colors as well. Most people who wear them like to shop for something that comes in colors to match their fashion suits that showcase their style sense. So twice a year, you can shop for a whole new collection of different styles and colors that come forth that mimic the very latest looks from Italy with their sleek design philosophies.

What makes this brand a great buy?

Another reason why their name stays popular generation after generation is quality. For the price and style, you really can't beat their styles. You know that when you shop and pay for them you are getting a stylish pair that will last you right through the season you are wearing them. You will certainly be able to wear them the following season and probably the following season after that. Quality has always been important to their reputation and the last thing that they would ever want is for people to think that they are nothing more than stylish shoes but don't last. They want their customer base to expand and the word to get around that their product is made well fits well, and looks great too. That is how you keep your customers.

Repeat customers are always crucial.

It's a very simple concept that if the customer is happy with their purchase, they will come back and buy more of your product. There is simply no point in making them if don't fit well and don't last. Because that customer will not be buying another pair from you nor will they tell their friends and family that their product is great. It's all about making the customer know that he made a great decision by buying them. They make them out of quality materials and many of them with leather soles as well. They know that only it makes a good quality for its durability and comfort as well. Leather is a natural material that breathes and absorbs moisture which is important for anyone's feet.

Are Stacyadams well-made?

Shoes can take a beating from walking around and all the flexing that goes on when you wear them. If the shoes are made of synthetic materials like vinyl or polyurethane, all of that flexing will eventually cause creases and then those creases will start to crack. This is because synthetic materials are never as durable as real calfskin. Real leather also breaths whereas vinyl material doesn't breathe. So when your feet start to sweat, the material will not absorb the moisture nor be able to wick it away. It makes your feet uncomfortable compared to wearing a pair of real animal skin shoes. Animal hide has always been the only way to go when it comes to making quality. SA has always known this since the very beginning even before synthetic materials were even available. The last piece of the puzzle of why this brand stays at the top of their as well is price. They price their shoes for the average American man who doesn't have a trust fund and works for a living. They are designed to be affordable and you don't need to spend your week's paycheck to afford them. They have always been reasonably priced and made so that any man with a job can afford to wear stylish-looking Italian-inspired designs.

Their dress oxfords are designed to Look Great on your Feet.

The whole point of these great-looking dress shoes is to have their fans wearing Italian style without that Italian designer price which these days require about five hundred dollars to own a pair. You know that you get sleek Italian style and quality for your money and that point has never been unnoticed by the people who run the company. Their styles have all of that great style, and they are made well so that the customer knows that he is getting his money's worth when he purchases them. These shoes will last and he can wear them again, and again. They will still look great on his feet when he gets all dressed up in his fine suits and outfits.

This Brand has always made affordable footwear that are stylish.

You can always find brands that are cheaper but the problem is that you can't get them that will give you the quality that their shoes have for the same price. If they are cheaper, they certainly will not last as long. Sometimes, with an off-brand or no-brand, they can only be worn one time, and then they are ready for the trash. You will never have that happen with a pair of Stacy's because as stated previously, their reputation means everything. They haven't existed for this long by making poor-quality shoes that are overpriced. It is the exact opposite situation. You know that when you shop online, you are making a great choice because their shoes have a similar style to Italian designers. The quality will never let you down because they are made to last. It's because they are made of quality materials and the price won't put you in a situation where you can't pay your bills. You get your cake and eat it too when you start wearing them. It was very important to have both of these entities come together to form a synergy of men's fashion and style. This iconic brand name has been around since 1875. They have been the benchmark of well-made stylish mens fashion with an affordable price for the style-minded man. It is that type of man who appreciates the latest new looks when shopping for 1920s style and looks to them. You can always find many for sale. Shopping for a Deal is much more simple than you think. Because we are an online retailer, you need not worry about the fit. These fashionable shoes fit the same, year after year. The best part is that these fashionable shoes are an affordable luxury for the stylish way that you like to dress. A long-time brand that has consistent quality and fit is important. This is why this iconic brand has the following year after year. Stores that sell them like know that once you give a customer what they want and are satisfied, you have a customer for life. It's no different than people who smoke cigarettes. They find a brand that they like because of the way they fit and the styles that always come out and that becomes their brand forever. Because they know that consistency is important and they don't want any unpleasant surprises. Now unless you make a really good salary, there is simply no reason to spend hundreds of dollars online on men's dress shoes when you can find deals for well under a hundred dollars. With a reasonable sale price like that, how could you not go wrong with buying a pair of shoes on sale to match every fashionable suit in your wardrobe? You can't. Got a red color suit and you can match a pair of red color pair of shoes. It's the fashionable way to dress. Matching from top to bottom. Look your stellar best for not much cash and keep the rest for your night on the town. This is why SA shoes have always been a great buy.

Stacy's are made to last.

When you get them, you will be able to get several seasons of wear out them before it's time to retire them. It is that kind of quality and reason to become a fan. This is why men have been buying only them for generations because you get your money's worth, and they look great on your feet. How can you go wrong? There are some men who won't wear any other brand of dress shoes but this classic name. They have a very loyal following.

Full memory foam foot beds make them comfortable.

They also make sure that the quality of the shoe is something you can feel as well as see on the outside. They make sure that all their shoes in the fashion line employ memory foam cushion foot-bed insoles for the comfort you can immediately feel once you slip them on. The memory foam cushioning runs the entire foot-bed which coddles your feet and mimics their shape allowing for comfort. It is one of the modern features that make them comfortable for hours on end. There is no point in making a shoe that only looks nice, they need to be comfortable to wear. There is nothing worse than going to a special event or going out and the shoes are your feet don't fit right, feel right, or downright hurt your feet. You're not going to get that with these because they make both medium and wide widths that should fit the majority of men's feet. In fact, their medium width is slightly fuller than many other shoe brands which makes their shoes that much more comfortable to wear. You know you're wearing comfortable shoes when you pretty much forget that you're wearing dress shoes. That is what the maker strives for but is stylish at the same time.

Leather is why they last.

Since they are always made of leather uppers, the leather is able to absorb the sweat that your feet naturally produce while you are wearing shoes. Something that certainly can't happen while wearing synthetic dress shoes that can't breathe. Leather is hands down the only type of material that should be used for making shoes if the quality is of any concern. Leather has long been known to be a naturally durable material that is superior to any other material for shoe construction. That is why I always recommend people wear only dress shoes made of real leather uppers. Leather also maintains its shape better and since they only use real leather, they won't look like a hot mess after one wear but look good time and time again.

Shoe trees help maintain their shape.

The best thing I always recommend customers to do is to invest in some cedar shoe trees that you can put inside the shoes right after wearing them. This by far is one of the best ways to preserve the quality and look of your shoes because the cedar naturally absorbs all the moisture out of the leather of the shoes with the bonus of putting the shoes right back into the original shape they were when they were brand-new. It keeps the shoes in perfect form and is also a bonus when you clean and polish the shoes so the polish gets into all of the creases and allows you to do the most thorough job when you polish them. So, the combination of the quality and taking proper care of them after wearing them is the best way to really get your money's worth. You'll find that you made a great decision buying shoes from this iconic brand, and they won't let you down.