Kangol Hats

Kangol hats these days are the casual go-to hat brand for men who favor style. It's funny how things just grow up. Kangol literally started as a golf course hat back in the 1940s and was rarely seen outside a golf course. Then in 1983, the brand suddenly became a street fashion phenomenon overnight because of a few key Celebrities sporting these hats with the iconic Kangaroo on them. It started with the Bell hat and worked its way around. From the Golf Course to the Streets and back, Kangol is the style of dress cap that have what it takes to make your whole look come together, especially when worn with stunning Alligator Shoes. They have a casual but hip style compared to our selection of mens fedora hats. When you buy the hat with the iconic kangaroo on it, you and your style will look your absolute stellar best. It doesn't matter which way you want to wear it either. If you want the logo to face the front, do it. If you prefer to have it facing the back, that's fine as well. Just wear it. Take a look at our stylish collection of mens summer hats.