Slim Fit Suits

Make style count fast by wearing our collection of affordable slim-fit suits. They come in various styles and fabrics, from classic colors to plaids to pinstripes. They are an authentic nod to the men's suits you would see fashionable young men wearing in the early sixties, breaking out from conformity. Our stylish slim-fit suit collection is a great way to make you dress better for less. Slim fit refers to a style of clothing that is tighter fitting than a conventional fitting suit. Young men under the age of 30 wear them. This tailored fit is tighter in every way you can imagine, from the torso of the jacket to the sleeves. One of the features you will find is that the length of a slim-fit suit jacket is about two inches shorter than a regular fit. The pants also follow the same philosophy by fitting tighter in the leg and having a lower waistline than regular suit pants.

Slim style suits are fashion suits that all young men wear. These are extra tight-fitting suits for men known in certain circles as slim-fit suits. They are a much tighter fit than a tailored fit suit. The fit is made to go perfectly with Fitted Dress Shirts. You will see world-famous young-minded Celebrities like soccer star David Beckham wearing nothing but a cheap slim-fit suit that enhances his trim physique which is in favor. With our huge selection, it is extremely easy to get the best deals on the slim-fit suit you're shopping online for.
  • Are Slim fit mens suits more than just a tight fitting suit?

The slim-fit look has an Italian style that exploded onto the scene thanks to Young Hollywood Celebrities who portray fashion and style. When it comes to fashion trends like Italian design, one thing never changes. Styles end up coming back again in fashion. The highly tailored tighter look is a huge trend these days among the younger men who are relatively skinny or trim in stature and haven't gotten out of shape.

  • Who wears the slim fit?

For the under-30 young crowds, the tighter-looking fit is exactly what a cutting-edge celebrity like Justin Timberlake would be seen making an appearance in. For a complete look, it is best to wear them up with our Slim Dress Shirts as well for a complete look. You'll find a modern style cut that simply hugs your torso in a way that a classic style can not without hundreds of dollars of tailoring that would need to be done to it to achieve the same results.

  • There are many ways to wear the slim fit.

If you're going on either a date or to a trendy bar or club, you have a number of options on how to wear your newly purchased one with a skinny style. It all depends on how you feel and how you want to wear it. The first rule of thumb is of course dressing it up. When I mean dress it up, I'm talking about how you wear a traditional suit separate pants with your dress shirt and tie with dress shoes.

Depending on the style or color you are wearing, your purchase can always desire a bit of creativity with the colors of the dress shirt and tie pattern that you choose when you decide on how to wear it, to begin with. If you are wearing your basic color such as black, blue, or gray, you always have a huge palette of colors to work with because those basic colors can match with pretty much any shirt and tie combo you want to throw at it.

You can go dark with your shirt selection or go bright with your shirt selection. It doesn't really matter because you'll look great no matter what. In terms of shoes, we strongly recommend wearing dress shoes when you go with the shirt and tie route. Your dress shoes should be in new or newer condition and polished pleased. Nothing looks worse than seeing a man dressed up with a downtrodden pair of shoes that look like you fished them out of a back alley somewhere.

  • Dress your fit suit down by going tie-less.

The second popular way how to wear a slim-fit suit is the dressed down manner. By dressed down I mean casual style. When you wear the jacket but decide to forgo the shirt and tie thing, you are essentially wearing your attire in a casual manner. When you're wearing a slim-fit suit, that still applies because no matter what, it is still a suit that you're wearing. The best way to wear it in a casual manner is by wearing it with a dress shirt but without a tie and not buttoned all the way up. You'll still have a very sophisticated look going by wearing it this way.

I'm sure you've seen men wearing their coats sans tie in this manner when they are on vacation or at a nice restaurant and they don't have a tie on. They still look great. With a fitted suit, nothing changes here either. Wear that suit of yours with your favorite dress shirt that of course should be fitted as well so it doesn't bulge out of your suit jacket and you'll look great. As for shoes, you have slightly more options going on with the type of shoes you can wear. You can of course go with your nicely polished dress shoes and socks and still look great or you can even wear something on the casual scale of shoes.

Now as mentioned before, the skinny fit look is an Italian style and most definitely designed in Italy so the casual shoes you wear should also be Italian-style shoes that are sleek in design. They can be casual loafers or even those sport style pseudo looking sneakers or trainers that look kind of like soccer shoes but come in shoe leather colors such as black, brown, or tan. You can wear these casual shoes sockless as well in the warmer weather for that European stylish look. Any way you slice it, how you wear yours is up to your personal sense of style.

If you ever read GQ magazine, you'll see the models wearing slim-fits in a whole variety of ways. Most of the ensembles you see are highly creative and require that the man wearing the suit is extremely comfortable in dressing in an avant-garde manner. You may see the model wearing the pants of his suit with high waters, in other words, hemmed several inches short to show all of the shoes that he is wearing and the fact that he is not wearing socks.

This is only for the man who really goes that extra style mile when it comes to getting dressed to impress. For the average man who wears a suit and wants to look his best, we always recommend wearing what you feel more comfortable wearing. If you understand yourself and your style, you'll know how you want to wear your suits in a manner that lets you look your best and gives you confidence wearing them. Once you establish how you like to dress, you'll feel the need to wear your slim-fits more often.