Walking Suits

Over 700 Walking Suit Styles to Choose From

Men's walking suits give men the style needed to make a head-turning statement. Here at Contempo Suits, you can find a variety of fashionable two piece styles that come in all colors, patterns, and fabrics. We carry short-sleeved and long-sleeved walking suits in dozens of styles, so you have a choice. Our collection of men's walking suits is designed for men who want to dress stylishly and casually simultaneously. They are perfect for wearing to parties and casual events when style is essential. A walking suit is a modern style two-piece leisure suit with a matching shirt and pants set made of the same material for men who like to dress stylishly. You will find at Contemposuits.com a selection of both the Montique short-sleeved walking suit and the more boldly styled Stacy Adams walking suits. Our stylish 2-piece casual outfits make the perfect party wear for men. Our selection of linen walking suits can't be beat for tropical weather.