Double Breasted Suits

Double breasted suit

Shop stylish mens double breasted suits for sale online at Contempo Suits. A double breasted suit is a style statement that shows everyone you know how to dress. You can wear one at any place where you can wear a conventional version. Most men's fashion guides confirm this. It gives a welcome change of style for a Man looking to mix up his attire. Lucky for you, You can buy our collection here at cheap prices that are well-made and fit great. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the different types of colors and fabric patterns. From stripes to solid colors to plaid patterns, you can find the selection that makes you happy.

Double breasted suit refers to a jacket that has overlapping front flaps and two symmetrical columns of buttons. One side of the jacket overlaps the other side. In most modern garments, one column of buttons is decorative, while the other is functional allowing the wearer to close the jacket properly. The other column of buttons, placed on the outside edge of the jacket, allows the overlap to fasten reversibly, the right lapel over the left lapel. To strengthen the fastening, a functional inner button, called the jigger which is an anchor button, is always added to fasten the over-lapped layers together from the inside. The jigger button keeps the jacket in a symmetrical manner allowing the front of the jacket to lay properly for the perfect effect.

Double-breasted suits for men first came on the scene in the mid-1930s and stayed popular until the 1950s. There was a certain defining difference and attitude about the way that these types differed from your standard style model with the way it wraps over. A certain uniqueness that beckons others to gaze upon you and notice that you actually understand what style is and aren't afraid to show it. You can go to any wedding party or special event that calls for dressing up with your collar dress shirts and notice that one man is wearing a men's Kingsman style while everyone else is conforming and afraid and are wearing regular style or men's blazers for that matter. Men fashion trends will confirm this. The alpha man has confidence in who he is and doesn't feel the need for conformity and group approval. It is not complicated to see why this outfit looks great.
  • Why wear a double-breasted suit?

Style is the main reason why you wear a double-breasted suit. It is the type of selection that stands out in a way that really attractive women catch the eye of everyone in the room. Wrap-front designs have long been worn due to their classy appearance that just stands out from the more mundane single breasted type. The style and cut of the jacket have a way of accentuating your physique if you are in decent shape compared to a basic suit. It has a way of making you present yourself as slimmer and taller at the same time. Who doesn't want to appear slimmer and taller? Another reason to wear a double-breasted suit is that it tells people that you are an alpha male. A man who leads and commands respect. Most men are just not confident enough when getting dressed so they stick to the tried and true. A man who has confidence is more likely to dress uniquely and stand out in a good way. They can be a great addition to your wardrobe. The style lends an extra air of refinement that doesn't come from a single-breasted style suit. The reason why you should wear these is that they will give you the appearance of broader shoulders with the wide peak lapels to which the eye is drawn as well as slim the waistline. The style of the suit will be a welcome change of pace from wearing single-breasted suits all the time.

Key takeaways.

    • 1. Occasion. When you have an occasion to get dressed up and you choose a double-breasted suit, It is important to know the parameters. Is it a day occasion? Is it a night occasion? Does the occasion take place during the Summer like a Wedding? Does it take place during the colder months?
    • If the occasion takes place during the warmer months and during the day, you should consider wearing a lighter color selection. The lighter color is far more favorable and upbeat for going to a daytime event when you have to dress your best. Think of either a khaki color or a light gray for your needs.
    • If the event is a nighttime event, wearing a darker color is what you should strive for. If the event is of a more formal nature, you should consider either a dark navy number or a charcoal color. Black is also a good choice. Either way, know your setting and time frame.
    • 2. Personal Preference. As a man of style, it is important to know what you like. Do you like wearing a solid color? Do you prefer a patterned fabric? Do you like all of the above? Do you like your choice to have 4-buttons or 6-buttons on the front? Should the button's columns be straight or slanted style? These are all things to consider. It is good to know what you feel like wearing or like to wear. You may be in the mood for one or the other.
    • 3. Know your size. A man who wears a double-breasted suit is more than likely not a first-timer. Usually, a veteran when it comes to wearing clothing. If you are new or inexperienced in wearing men's clothing, it is important to know your size. Perhaps you haven't worn one in a while. Do yourself a favor and get measured so you know exactly what size to get and not have to go through the whole inconvenience of returning and exchanging. Especially if you are shopping online. A well-informed buyer is a smart shopper. It is important to know that the jacket size is how you choose your correct suit size. Not the waist size. Use our easy-to-understand chart below.

  • Are double breasted suits more formal?

You already have been wearing single-breasted jackets for a while, and want to add some welcome style. Double-breasted suits can do just that with the addition of a bit of formality. Most double-breasted suits and blazers available for sale primarily have 1 to 4 rows of buttons (each row containing two buttons) for each flap of the front of the jacket, 1 or 2 of the rows being functional for fastening the jacket. Each fastening method is using "number-on-number" terminology; the first number will be the total number of front buttons on the jacket, while the second is the number of fastening buttons below the lapels (i.e. the second number also is the number of corresponding buttonholes). 6-on-2 and 6-on-1 are the common button style, but other styles exist. Style-wise, these jackets usually have peaked lapels and fasten the left lapel over the right lapel as usual for men's jackets. You'll notice that each one in this category button is the same way. You want it to fit like you were meant to wear it. You don't want it baggy but you don't want it too tight either. It needs to be in that area right in the middle. The Goldilocks place. Just right. A good tailor can make the necessary adjustments to get you that just-right fit. These days you will find that most double-breasted suits use the 6-on-2 style front which is the classic and original style. In the 1980s, you would find a completely different silhouette due to the use of shoulder padding which gave the jacket a baggy silhouette and attitude. You would find that the jackets of that era had a closed back on the bottom. In other words, there were no side vents due to their baggy nature. You could also find a 6-on-1 style which means that only the bottom side button would be used to close the front. The lapels would be a bit larger to accommodate the extra-wide shoulders. It is a completely different impression from the 6 on 2 versions and only takes a glance at any movie from that era to notice how dated that particular style looked. Men's fashion guides fully confirm this. You may see double-breasted suits that only have 2-button fronts but those are extremely trendy and usually worn by young men that are on the cutting edge.
  • Are double-breasted suits still popular?

The double-breasted jacket suit is a version that never truly goes out of style. What it does is become less popular at times and then suddenly become a popular look once again. It is the type of look that you will always see at least a few alpha-male types wearing to stand out but every ten years or so it comes back in favor and is seen more often.
  • Can you wear a double-breasted suit jacket open?

Another big faux pas is to never and I mean never wear the jacket open when you are standing up and walking. If you need to open the buttons while sitting, the moment you get up, it is imperative to properly button the front. Otherwise, you will look simply horrible wearing it. Wearing it unbuttoned gives you a boxy and sloppy presentation which is the complete opposite of why you are wearing a suit like this in the first place. It is especially noticeable with French cuff dress shirts. While you can wear a single breasted variant open while standing up. I don't really recommend it on this design. You will look completely UN-done and really need to button up. The form is a special type and needs to be worn buttoned up. You would never see Prince Charles wearing his not buttoned up. Those columns of buttons make a statement.
  • Origins of the double breasted look

While the original double breasted suit jacket has 6 buttons, with 3 to close the front. This style originated from the naval reefer jacket. Think of the stylish Pea coat. Because short men may find that 6 buttons don't appear right for their shorter body, a 4 or 6 button format in which only the bottom one closes will be a better option. The 4-button style jacket that buttons at the lower button is often called the "Kent", after the man who made it popular, The Duke of Kent. As stated, most modern design jackets do not button this way at all.
  • Tips for buying a cheap Double-breasted suit

If you're looking for a cheap double breasted men's suit, there are some things to consider before making your purchase. First, make sure you choose a quality brand. Second, does the fabric have a nice feel to it? The material needs to have a quality feel to it. Nice and smooth. Not a rough feel. The shoulder seams are also an easy way to determine if the suit is well-made. They need to have smooth seams. There should not be any puckering. All of the parts should sit without sticking out on either the top of the shoulder or the front of the shoulder. The buttons on the jacket should be secure without appearing like they are hanging on. Overall, it should hand nicely on the hanger for a nice presentation. You should expect to pay more for high-quality. Second, make sure you buy one that fits properly. This means choosing a size that is appropriate for your body shape. Finally, make sure you try it on before buying it. This will help you determine whether the fit is right for you.
  • What body type should wear a double-breasted?

I will be the first to tell you that not all men can properly pull this off. You need to have a certain body type that is slimmer in proportion than not. The taller thinner man looks best wearing a double-breasted suit. A stocky man usually doesn't look so good wearing one. If you are of moderate height but thin, this type of silhouette will look stellar on you. If you are a tall man with a decent physique, you too will also do the fit justice. Overweight men should really not consider this style unless they have the height to pull it off properly.
  • Can I wear a fit double breasted to a Wedding.

If you are a man who knows how to get dressed up, wearing one to a Wedding is a splendid idea. What is better than going to a function where everyone is already dressed up better than everyone else because you are wearing this particular style? It tells everyone at that Wedding that you know how to dress and have style. A double-breasted suit wedding has always been a regal style since its early days. When you decide that you want to wear one, you are actually decided that is certainly going to impact how you carry yourself and how you look. The wrap-front style is completely unlike wearing your basic single-breasted variant. When you see other men wearing them, you are seeing a man who has complete confidence in himself and isn't afraid to show it. Isn't that what being a man is all about?