Mauri Shoes

Mauri shoes

Mauri shoes are Jaw-Dropping Alligator Shoes designed in Italy and made in Italy. When compromising is just not in the cards and you want the absolute best handmade alligator or crocodile shoes made in Italy to buy in bold styles, Mauri dress shoes are simply the brand to buy online. Their design team is constantly coming out every season with styles of Alligator Shoes you've never seen before. They have a far bolder style than what you may find in our collection of Mezlan's. Mauri's are made in Italy and have a uniqueness with fancy pointed soles and toe caps or extreme sleek silhouettes that set them apart from many other luxury shoe brands and go great with high fashion style Men's Blazers. It's become a fact that Mauri is the one brand that seems to get copied by all the other alligator and crocodile shoe companies because they seem to be setting the trend with their wild and modern Italian shoe styles. They wouldn't get copied if they weren't the best alligator shoes and Crocodile Shoes. If you pay close enough attention, watch the new season of gator skin shoes that they introduce. You can bet your bottom dollar that the following season, you'll find several makers coming out with the exact same style. Their in-house Italian design team is constantly monitored to keep coming up with fresh shoe ideas for purchase. This is because they feel that they have to come up with completely new styles every season to give people a reason to have these luxurious exotic designer shoes on their feet.