Dinner Jackets

Discover the best deals on our online collection of fashionable men's dinner jackets with Free Shipping. Men's Dinner Jackets are a classic staple for formal evening events, originating from the traditional black tie dress code. These jackets were originally worn by men to formal dinners, and this is where the tuxedo as we know it today emerged. Suppose you have ever received an invitation requiring a jacket in the evening but not a full suit. In that case, you may have needed a men's dinner jacket.

Traditionally, men's dinner jackets were black with satin lapels and collars, giving them a formal evening look. They were designed similarly to suit jackets but were tailored without tails unless an extremely formal event called for them. The jacket would be paired with matching pants featuring black satin or grosgrain stripes on the legs, creating a tuxedo look in the US and a dinner jacket look in the UK

A tuxedo would require a white jacket in the UK. In other European countries such as France, Portugal, Germany, Poland, and Russia, the jacket is called a "Smoking Jacket" and not a men's dinner jacket. In more proper society circles in England, a well-dressed man would wear a regular suit, known as a casual lounge suit, during the day and change into a dinner jacket for evening events. The hit British TV show "Downton Abbey" exemplified this tradition, showcasing characters changing outfits for formal dinners and men wearing dinner jackets. Life in England a hundred years ago was vastly different among the upper crust. Still, their adherence to dressing properly and following traditions was evident.

The dinner jacket remains an important part of formal attire, creating a sophisticated and elegant ensemble. In this category, you will find men's dinner jackets in various styles and designs, including paisley patterns, floral prints, metallic accents, and more. Whether you are attending a party, a stage performance, a prom, or any other special event, our collection has the perfect dinner jacket to elevate your style. Explore our range of colors, cuts, and sizes to find the ideal dinner jacket that will make you stand out and make a lasting impression. Shop now and complete your formal look with our discounted men's dinner jackets because every well-dressed man's wardrobe is complete with one.