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Godfather Hat

ContempoSuits.com is the place to get a Michael Corleone Hat as well as Bright Colored Brim Hats such as Godfather Hats on Sale. If you're a Godfather Movie nut like me, you know exactly where this mens dress hat gets its name from. It's the scene from The Godfather, the first movie when Michael Corleone comes back from Italy after being on the lam after killing the police captain and Solazzo. He meets up with Kaye while she is tending her young school children wearing that style brim hat. A Godfather hat is the type of hat that Al Pacino wore playing Michael Corleone in the movie. Originally called a Homburg Hat. It is now known as the Godfather because of the movie's popularity. We have Homburg Hats or Godfathers which is what everyone calls these fashionable looking brim hats now in all kinds of bright and bold fashion colors that are great to be seen wearing with Alligator Shoes. Almost every mens Double Breasted Suit and Walking Suit we sell has an available brim hat like a Homburg to match. Putting a Godfather dress hat on your head really finishes your look. All of our brim hats like look and feel fantastic. We always have bright-colored Mens Hats on Sale. If you are looking for cheap dress hats, ContempoSuits.com is the place for you. You should also check out our huge selection of affordable Mens Suits and Mens Blazers. If you're a fan of the HBO hit show "Boardwalk Empire", you'll see the main character Nucky Thompson wearing nothing but Homburg Hats. Shop for Crocodile Shoes Here. Have you checked out our Stacy Adams Shoes Department. Don't forget to check out our selection of Stacy Adams Suits Here. If you really appreciate nicer menswear consider Silversilk Clothing. If Style is What You Crave, checkout our Huge Selection of Mens Fashion Suits. Get your 1940s urban retro style going with our fancy Zoot Suits.