Godfather Hats Homburg Hats

Godfather hats from Contempo Suits will help you take your style to the next level. The Godfather hat was initially called a Homburg. German bankers originally wore it because it was a more formal style than a fedora hat. They are made of fine wool felt and come in various classic colors to fashion colors like mustard and purple. Our collection is perfect for helping your suit turn into a fashion statement. It is now known as The Godfather because of the movie's popularity. If you're a Godfather Movie nut like me, you know precisely where this mens dress hat gets its name. It's the scene from "The Godfather," the first movie when Michael Corleone comes back from Italy after being on the lam after killing the police captain and Solazzo. He meets up with Kaye while she is tending her young schoolchildren wearing that hat. A Godfather hat is the type that Al Pacino wore playing Michael Corleone in the movie.