White Suits for Men

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Tony Montana aka Scarface wore white suits for men.

All White is also a good choice if you want to get dressed like Al Pacino playing Tony Montana in Scarface and want to wear a Scarface costume for a party. Movie directors aren't stupid when it comes to getting their characters dressed up for a scene when they know that having the actor wearing white has that visual impact that makes for a great shot. You have to face facts and that is that first impressions always count for a man and will always count to either make a positive impression or utterly be ignored and blend into the background. By wearing all-white color suits, that problem won't be a problem at all because it's long been known that wearing white always gets you noticed quickly. Here you'll find all-white men's suits in many styles from 2 Button to 3 Button and even Zoot Suit styles. You'll also be pleased to find Cheap White color suits that are of good quality because having a choice is always a good thing.

When can a man wear a white color suit?

If you have ever heard the old saying that you should never wear white after labor day, that rule still applies. Almost. Wearing white is still primarily a warm weather color. They can be worn primarily during daytime Summer events and not be worn for nighttime events. The exception to both rules is the all-white theme party where everyone is dressed up in the said color. These parties are usually held in the evening and are after labor day breaking both rules.

What color shirts look best with a white mens suit?

Contrast is the quick answer on what color to wear with a white mens suit. You can wear just about any color shirt that fulfills your mood that day. In fact, I recommend that you play around with different color shirts to wear. It makes the suit pop that much more. I would stay away from wearing a plain-white shirt unless you absolutely have to.

Is it okay to wear a white suit to a wedding?

Depending on if you are the groom or just invited to the wedding, you can wear a white suit. Various cultures have different rules on what is to be worn. Some men get married wearing a white suit. Others not. For a more mainstream wedding, you should only wear this color after Memorial day up to Labor day and during a daytime event. Those are the traditional rules for wearing a white color suit to a wedding.

Can I wear black shoes with a white dress suit?

You can wear black color shoes but the key once again is matching and contrast. If you are set on wearing black shoes with your suit, you should wear a matching black color shirt for a contrasting look. It is the only way I recommend dressing when it comes to dressing in different color shoes than the suit. There are different sets of rules for other color suits. This one should be contrasting. If your shirt is going to be a pastel color such as light blue, canary yellow, or pink, I recommend wearing a saddle tan color shoe to keep it light as opposed to wearing black. Keep the style on the more traditional side like either a plain toe, cap-toe, or cleanly styled Italian-looking wingtip for a classy appearance. White suits for men are always a great Summer choice when you need to look your best.