Vintage Style Mens Suits

Vintage style men's suits reflect the era of men's suit fashion that reflects the times and attitudes of the good old days, like the 1920s. You'll find fashion features, patterns, and fabrics not seen in the modern business suit. We're talking about fabric patterns like plaids and stripes meant to be noticed. These were popularized during the 1920s and 1930s. On vintage era suits, you used to find creative-looking plaid combinations in colors and palettes that gave the man wearing them an ensemble that let him show his sense of style. In contrast, modern business suits are anything creative or stylish. Muted is the term. Zoot suits are another type of vintage-style suit. The actual style of the suit jacket and vest also are clues to a vintage fashion suit. You'll see fashion details such as fancier lapels on the coat or broader lapels and a watch pocket on the front of the jacket to put an actual pocket watch inside. You'll also find that vintage men's suits have vests or waistcoats that may have lapels on them or a creative style scoop cut front that shows more of your tie. On a 1930s-style vintage-era suit, you are going to notice stripes. Bold in-your-face stripes. These aren't the muted pinstripes on a business suit. Think James Cagney or Edward G. Robinson from an old Warner Brothers gangster movie, and you'll get the idea. These stripes are meant to be seen down the block on a busy Manhattan street. Vintage details and patterns make a vintage suit stand out from modern looks.