Statement Men's Wool Windowpane Suit Black Red Contrasting DB Vest Tailored Fit Lucci


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Statement has a very distinctive style when it comes to the suits that men wear with contrast style vests and other fashion looks that are different  from all the others. This black red windowpane style fine wool suit features a contrasting solid color double breasted vest. The jacket is double vented in a tailored modern fit. The pants are classic flat front style and all ready for hemming. Made of super fine 180's wool.

This suit comes in a Modern Fit. If you prefer regular fit, you will need to order the next size larger.

The sizes displayed are jacket sizes. Pant sizes for 36-46 chest will be 6 inches smaller then the jacket size. Pants sizes for 48-52 will be 5 inches smaller, and 54-56 the pant sizes will be 4 inches smaller than the jacket size. Ex. Size 40 Regular Jacket comes with size 34 Waist Pants