Canto Mens Navy Blue Zoot Suit Long Jacket Vest 8577

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Wide Brim Hat, Check. Black and White dress Shoes, check. Now you need a Navy Blue Zoot Suit and complete your whole outfit for a night of Big Band Music and swing dancing the Jitterbug keeping your lady sliding around the dance floor and off her feet never know what hit her. When it's a costume party you're going to what is more fun than a Zoot Suit outfit. A navy zoot suit with the rest of the matching Stacy Adams Two-Tone Shoes and hat is just what you want for a night of fun partying as they did back in the old days. You'll be dressed like the rebellious Pachuco crews would dress during the zoot suit riot heyday. This Zoot Suit by Canto features a 38-inch coat with 4 Buttons, a party-starting matching vest, and pleated baggy pants made of 100% Poly Microfiber. Glide across the floor like Cab Calloway in this amazing Zoot Suit.