Tiglio Suits

Our collection of Tiglio Suits for sale are for men that simply insist that they wear nothing but stylish Italian wool fashion suits that are made in Italy with their genuine Crocodile Shoes. Tiglio means lime in Italian. It is pronounced "Teelio". These are anything buy ordinary mens suits. The fact that the suit is made in Italy is not taken lightly by men who favor wearing these stylish Tiglio Suits for sale. There is something special that can't be replicated when the Italian wool suit is not only designed in Italy but made in Italy as well. Tiglio has become extremely popular for Celebrities and Athletes of African American heritage who like to exhibit their sense of fashion and style by wearing real Italian wool wide leg suits. The way that Tiglio fine wool suits are cut with a slightly full cut that drapes beautifully and compliments the addition of wide leg pants which are a match made in heaven. You'll find that Tiglio fashion suits will be made with bolder pattern suit fabrics like window pane plaid and pinstripes all with the intention of getting noticed. So when you want to be seen wearing a real Made in Italy suit that has serious style, Tiglio Rosso Suits are the brand for you.