Tiglio Suits

Our selection of Tiglio Suits available for purchase caters to men who demand nothing less than fashionable Italian wool suits crafted in Italy. Tiglio, which means lime in Italian and is pronounced "Teelio," offers anything but ordinary menswear. They specialize in creating suits that are both bold and brash with their use of color and bold patterned fabrics combined with wide lapels. The significance of an Italian-made suit is not lost on men who prioritize dressing stylishly. There is an indescribable allure when an Italian wool suit is not only designed but also manufactured in Italy. Tiglio has gained immense popularity among Celebrities and Athletes of African American heritage who showcase their fashion sense by donning authentic Italian wool wide leg suits. The slightly full cut of Tiglio's fine wool suits drapes elegantly and complements the inclusion of wide leg pants, creating a harmonious ensemble. If you desire to make a lasting impression with a genuine Made in Italy suit that exudes unparalleled style, Tiglio Suits are the brand for you.