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Mens Alligator Shoes

Mens Alligator Shoes
Mens Alligator Shoes are for the fashion minded man who appreciates the very best. One time a good customer of mine was in the store shopping and was interested in buying some waht he refered to as Gator Shoes which are really expensive reptile shoes made of alligator leather because he had heard other people bragging about the fact that either they owned a pair or they knew someone that did. He had heard that mens gator shoes made from alligator skin leather cost hundreds of dollars which I had confirmed to him but he didn't quite understand why these fancy alligator skin footwear cost so much. So quickly I went and retrieved a pair of Belvedere Shoes that we sell online and pulled them out of the box. I gave him one shoe to look at and had the other shoe. I started explaining to him why these hand made exotic skin shoes cost so much more than a look alike version of a printed leather shoe.

I pointed out that first of all there is a rarity of exotic animal skins like alligator available to be made into to these hand made shoes and also explained the fact that gold costs so much more than silver because in comparison there is much less gold in the world than their is silver so by that very nature it will make gold cost that much more. Second, I started showing him the quality features that a pair of genuine alligator shoes for men have. I told him to pull out the paper stuffing and put your hand inside the shoes. Feel that? It's a full lambskin glove leather lining that is buttery smooth. Your feet will feel that luxury immediately. You don't find that in a pair of $70 shoes. At best, there maybe a partial pigskin lining but if you put your hand inside you will feel that forefoot part of the shoes has fabric for a lining not a full glove quality lambskin lining.

Mezlan Alligator Shoes
Mezlan Alligator shoes are the simply the very best exotic Alligator skin shoes You can buy. From the exclusive nature of alligator skin to the hand crafted perfection that Mezlan shoe artisans employ to create an alligator shoe that is simply a work of footwear art for the Man who demands the very best.

Mauri Alligator Dress Shoes
Mauri alligator dress shoes feature cutting edge Italian design and style and are exclusively made in Italy. You'll find Professional Athletes and Celebrities swear by Mauri Alligator shoes with their unique head turning style and uncompromising quality and luxury that only alligator shoes made in Italy can provide.

Ferrini Alligator Shoes
Ferrini Alligator shoes are for the man who prides himself and his success by wearing bold style hand made alligator shoes on his feet. These fine crafted exotic skin shoes are made by hand in Italy by skilled shoe artisans who train for years before they are allowed to make these fine alligator shoes.

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