Mens Eel Skin Shoes

In the world of mens exotic skin shoes, variety is the spice of life. Variety keeps life interesting and stimulating. Variety can also be applied to the types of exotic skin shoes available for men. One of these varieties are Mens Eel Skin Shoes. If you've never felt genuine Eel skin leather, the only way I can sort of describe it is that it feels like the most supple but delicate leather that has a quilted feel to it. It feels delicate but it is durable because hey, it used to belong to an eel that spent it's life underwater skimming on the bottom where rocks may lurk. Shoe manufacturer like Belvedere Shoes use eel skin leather but have it backed with another layer of leather for extra durability and support. There's no point in wearing a pair of eel skin shoes if they can't last you for more than one time, Right? Men eel skin shoes come in a variety of styles or combinations with either lizard or crocodile skin leather and one thing is definitely certain.