Ferrini Men's Black Beige Alligator Cap Toe Shoes 203/528

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Try on a pair of stylish alligator shoes and you'll be hooked at once. These black and beige two tone alligator shoes have the instantaneous style factor going on that lesser types of shoes don't muster. Like all Ferrini alligator shoes, these are completely made by hand with real alligator skin. The soles on these shoes are also completely hand fashioned from carving the real leather soles and heels. Sewing the soles onto the shoe upper and hand hammering the heels onto the soles with brass nails completely these full hand made alligator shoes. Men who wear alligator shoes know how to dress and how to present themselves in a style-induced manner.

Alligator shoes are really all about style, there is nothing conventional or conservative about wearing them. You have to know that if you're the type of man who is going to be seen wearing a pair of alligator skin shoes, people are going to be looking down at your feet. It's an attention-getter similar to driving a fancy sports car. You know you'll get noticed in a shiny Porsche and you'll get noticed wearing alligator shoes as well. The best way to usually wear a pair of alligator shoes is with either a nice suit or dress pants and a classy-looking dress shirt. When you buy yourself a pair of mens alligator shoes, you know that you are indulging yourself in both style and luxury as well. The moment you receive your fine handcrafted alligator shoes and breath in that fine leather aroma, you will recognize that it is money well spent. Then once you slip your foot into the shoe, and feel for that moment the fine glove leather that lines these shoes, it becomes perfectly clear that Ferrini alligator shoes are indeed a true luxury for men who have style.