Mens Wide Leg Suits

Mens Wide Leg suits are the vintage style of fancy style fashion suits that you'll see someone like Steve Harvey wear exclusively. That is because the wide leg pants have both comfort and style combined. Men who favor fashion in the world of mens suits prefer to wear vintage style suits that have wide leg suit pants to add a little flavor to their style compared to those who wear traditional styled mens suits especially when paired with their matching color Homburg Hat. These are far more attention getting than our collection of double breasted suits. Fashion in mens suits has always been a state of mind that simply doesn't just go away. While conformists exist to conform to tradition, the fashionable ones conform to style and change. One type of suit that isn't traditional are Mens Wide Leg Suits. Now wide leg suits come in all types of styles from your traditional looking suit to your all out mens fashion suit but one thing remains the same. The style of the pants. Wide leg suits come with baggy style wide leg pants that generally have leg openings of 11 inches wide on the bottom compared to leg opening of 9 inches wide on the bottom for more traditionally styled mens suits. These are nothing like those skinny fitted Prom Suits that the kids are wearing. Wide leg suits were first made famous on Steve Harvey who has always had a sense of men's fashion suit style. With wide leg suits the leg of the pants start baggy and stay that way all the way down of the bottom of the leg. The way wide leg suit pants sit on the shoes is a much different effect than your basic pants in that they cover much more of the shoes than usual pants. What men do to counter that effect is that they wear the longer pointier looking shoes that end up giving the same balanced look as if they were wearing a more regular styled shoe. We always recommend wearing Stacy Adams Shoes with these type of suits. Remember that it's all about balance. So if you're sitting with about four inches of shoe coming out of the cuff on a traditional shoe, the same effect can be had with the more exotic styled shoe on a wide leg pair of suit pants. If you're the type of man who has a sense of daring and like the notoriety you received wearing more high fashion suits, you should definitely take a look at wide leg suits.

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