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Vintage Style Mens Suits

Vintage Style Mens Suits
Vintage style mens suits reflect the era of mens suit fashion that reflect the times and attitudes of the good old day. You'll find fashion features used and patterns and fabrics that just aren't seen on the modern business suit. We're talking fabric patterns like plaids and stripes that that are meant to be noticed. On vintage era suits, you used to find creative looking plaid combinations in colors and palettes that gave the man wearing them an ensemble that let him show his personal sense of style. In contrast, modern business suits are anything creative or stylish. Muted is the term.

The actual style of the suit jacket and vest also are clues to a vintage fashion suit. You're going to see fashion details such as fancier lapels on the jacket or wider lapels as well as maybe a watch pocket on the front of the jacket to put a real pocket watch inside. You're also going to find that vintage mens suits have vests or waist coats that may have lapels on them or a creative style scoop cut front that shows a whole bunch of neck tie.

On a 1930s style vintage era suit, you going to notice stripes. Bold in your face stripes. These aren't the muted pinstripes on a business suit. Think James Cagney or Edward G. Robinson from an old Warner Brothers gangster movie and you'll get the idea. These are stripes meant to be seen from down the block on a busy Manhattan street. Vintage details and patterns are precisely what makes a vintage style mens suit stand out from the modern looks.

Stacy Adams Suits
Stacy Adams Suits are all about Mens Style and First Rate Sophistication. ContempoSuits.com is always the place to shop online for the newest Stacy Adams Suits on Sale with that vintage style 1920s look. Stacy Adams Suits only use the finest woven fabric and linings for their mens suits. Stacy Adams Suits offer quality details that you can only find in mens suits costing more than twice the price.

Falcone Suits
Men's Falcone Suits have been at the Forefront of New York style Men's Dress Suit and Zoot Suit Fashion for over 100 years. Falcone Suits are Simply the Cutting Edge of Designer Style. If you are the type of discerning man who simply craves a fashionable designer suit, Falcone suits are the way to go. Men's Suits by Falcone are not for fashionably timid man. It takes much bravado and flair to dress flashy.

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