1920s Purple Square Plaid Mens Suit 3 Piece Vinci V2RW-13

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Get on the stage in a 1920s Purple Square Plaid Men's Suit 3 Piece that is sure to capture everyone's attention quickly. This purple 3 piece suit features notched lapels and has a classic Italian cut with side vents in the back of the jacket with matching flat front pants. Show people, you know how to wear a suit with style. When it comes to expressing any sort of style when you get dressed, a 3 piece suit is just the way to do it. The reason why is because the overwhelming majority of men only wear 2 piece suits for business and Church but when you wear a 3 piece style suit, it tells people that you really take how you dress seriously and aren't afraid of showing it.. Made of wrinkle-resistant super 150s Poly/Rayon fabric.