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New Purple Suits on Sale!

Purple Suit
The purple suit has the color and outrageous attitude that are designed to bring the party to you. There aren't many occasions that require you to wear a purple suit. For reasons that are usually obvious you will never see lawyers in court wearing a Purple Joker Suit ever or any men on Wall Street wearing a garish styled color like purple. If you have Prom coming up and need a prom suit to cause a riot, purple will do the trick. If you are going to Vegas or any other Gambling/Entertainment destination that is where you will see someone perhaps donning a purple suit. You see, purple is one of those flashy colors that can only be worn for visual impact.

Since the financial and business strongly frown upon that you will never see anyone wearing one. In the pits during stock trading there are men and women wearing bright garish color jackets, but they are for a purpose of being seen. They are the ones taking the buying and selling orders. They may be wearing a red blazer, royal blue blazer or even a gold color blazer, so they are instantly noticed.

Now I'm a huge fan of the newer Batman movies with Christian Bale and really love "The Dark Knight" and one of the most popular reasons lately to wear a purple suit is to dress up as the Joker from Batman. Last Halloween we sold a ton of them and could have sold way more, but we sold out because so many people wanted to dress like the Joker. In order to dress up and look like the Joker, It's pretty simple really to look like that crazy psychopath because all you need to wear is a purple suit. Add some white makeup on your face and if you want to go comic book strict, tint your hair green. Do all those steps and you look just like the Joker.

Purple suits are also good to wear if you want to dress up as a pimp for Halloween or maybe Norbit. Norbit wore a Purple suit when he had his pimp friends dress him for a dinner date with Kate. She was his childhood friend who he was in love with. Norbit had the purple suit, purple godfather hat and purple shoes to match. Feel Free to shop online at for Zoot Suits When it's red carpet time, you need a Tuxedo that has style. Our Mens Suits that come in any style you can imagine that is available. Shop only the newest Stacy Adams Shoes. Style counts and crocodile shoes by Belvedere Shoes will get you there.

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