Grey Suit

If I were to ask you what color men's Suits come in more varieties and shades than any other, your answer may and should be the grey suit. You can find a Grey Suit in more shades, stripe combinations, and styles than any other color. You can have a hundred Grey suits, and no two will be the same; that is how versatile the color Grey is. I always like to think of a grey suit as a blank canvas to express your style through the color palette of the shirt and tie combinations you are willing to wear. You can make a grey suit by muting it with muted colors of shirts and ties or making your grey suit explode by wearing bolder neck ties and a white shirt. You can find grey suits in solid or slightly woven drop needle patterns or hundreds of stripe and pinstripe choices, from fine narrow pinstripes to bold chalk stripes on your face. Grey suits for men naturally come in your basic single-breasted two-piece suit to your outrageous three-piece long jacket zoot suit. You will always find a variety of choices available. Wearing a Grey suit is one of the business basics that no man should be without. Because of the many options, you can quickly fill your wardrobe with dozens of grey versions without even trying. Like potato chips, when it comes to Grey suits for men, you can't have just one.