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2 Button Mens Suits- The Style You Need to Wear

2 button suits are not a style that men like you should ever ignore if dressing the part is important to you. Sometimes men and you know who you are get stuck in a style or fashion rut and don't realize that you need to get out of that rut you put yourself in. You become comfortable wearing one style of suit and think, that's the style suit you'll be wearing for many years if not forever. Here is a new flash, chances are, you are out of style. That 3 or 4 button suit you've been wearing is about as stylish and fashionable as the pair of platform shoes you might just still have in your closet from the 1970s. The style that you need to get back into are 2 Button Mens Suits.

2 Button Mens Suits have replaced virtually every other style out there from the double breasted to the 3 button and in the urban communities, the long jacket zoot suit. The reason is pretty simple. Silhouette. Ever since Barack Obama became president in 2009, suit designers have simply abandoned all of the other styles and focused on 2 button mens suits because of how good President Obama looks wearing them. He has the perfect height and physique that really just makes a suit with a 2 button jacket something special.

One of the reasons that sets apart 2 button mens suits from other styles is that there is something slimming that a 2 button jacket does with the lower drop compared to the way a 3 button suit looks. On a 2 button suit, you'll see much more of the tie length and that in itself makes the suit give the wearer an elongated appearance compared to the way you'll see someone wearing a 3 button suit which just looks blockier and less svelt. The suit designer can really make the lapels roll better and give a much better presentation. If you look at some men who know how to dress, you'll see that on the better suits, instead of pressed flat appearance, the lapels have more of roll flat look to them, giving a more sophisticated and stylish look.

Another thing about 2 button mens suits is that most of them if not almost all of them come with flat front pants. You will be hard pressed to find baggy pleats on them and if you do find pleats, they may just be single pleat pants with the same slimming look that goes hand in hand with a 2 button suit jacket. So, now is the time to start rummaging through that closet of yours and clearing out the old and staid and filling it up with some suits that have 2 button jackets.

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