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3 Button Men Suits - How they Made a Comeback

Since Mens Suits are a commodity that I live and breath. I have garnered knowledge that many others in the business might not know. I have been reading about menswear for a Generation and wanted to know everything thing I could. Once I started learning about men suits, I quickly began to realize that not all suits are the same, not by a long shot. One of the first different styles of mens suits I learned about were 3 Button Mens Suits. For some reason I had just assumed that most men wore suits that had only 2 Button Coats but as I was educating myself on suits, I quickly discovered that this wasn't so. 3 Button style Suits gained favor in the Ivy League Schools and were known as Sack Suits because of the boxier cut of the coat than a traditional business suit. They even came as 3 Piece Suits which made the fold-over of the lapel and top button that much more noticeable.

On a 3 Button Suit, the top button on the coat may or may not be exposed by the way the lapel would be pressed. Some people preferred to have the lapels pressed so the jacket really looked like it was a two button suit instead of a three button look. Men who had their own Identity and sense of style would not have that top button hiding by would show it and button it making it a power suit because the way the coat buttoned it would look as if there were more "Suit Armor" protection and less neck tie exposed. Mens 3 Button style Suits have made a huge comeback for the last several years with manufacturers making a huge variety of styles and fabric types.

Now it is possible to get 3 Button Mens Suits in almost any color or stripe combination imaginable. If you go with a bolder color or pattern, you would be recommended to wear it outside of the office at either Church or if you're going out for the evening. Whichever way you roll, these Suits that have three button style jackets will keep you looking your absolute best. Shop for 3 Button Mens Suits Here.

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