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Affordable Mens Suits-Get the Most for Your Money

By making the first step about learning about shopping for Mens Suits you've started your journey in the right direction. I always say that any particular interest you have should be fed with plenty of knowledge, the more the better. Let's say that you've just gotten a job where wearing mens suits to work is a requirement, not an option and all you happen to have is a dusty suit from who knows how many years ago sitting in your closet. Guess what, it's time to get rid of that bad boy. It is either out of style or has moth holes in it that will show up at the worst possible time.

You're going to need several new suits. Four or five would be nice. It's time to look for some good quality suits that are affordable. What you want to look for is basically what ContempoSuits.com sells. High quality good fitting suits that don't cost too much. I recommend checking out suits made by Vinci or Vittorio St. Angelo. Both of those companies specialize in making affordable well made mens suits. You want to stay with single breasted suits for work only but you can have a choice of either wearing 2 Button Suits or 3 Button Suits .

You can go with your solid basic colors for work like your Navy and Grays and Charcoal colors and don't forget to throw in some pinstripes and other type of stripes as well to keep it interesting. You can find well made ones of this nature costing you no more than $99 with quality fabric and fit that you won't believe your eyes. You don't have to necessarily spend hundreds on some designer name suit when these affordable suits for work are every bit as nice and if you know how to dress you can make them look even nicer with the proper shirts and ties.

You may be asking yourself, "What do I need to look for when buying and affordable suit?" The answer is simple. Quality details. Yes, Quality details that may be skimped on even brand name suits. You want your suit to be well constructed with proper shoulders and a solid chest piece that is built inside the front of the suit jacket. You'll know usually when you see it because of how well it looks on you when you're wearing the jacket. You'll see that if feels right and just looks right when you look in the mirror. On a poorly made suit, the construction will be flimsy looking, the shoulders may not look right or have gaps and puckering but with a properly made suit, the main construction is not skimped on just because you can't readily see it.

It the suit has stripes on it, you want to see those stripes line up where the shoulders and torso meet. If they don't, that means that they didn't take time to do it right and god knows what else they cut corners on. You also want to see that the suit jacket has a nice lining possible with hand stitched french faced style linings in it. If the suit looks well made with just the lining, you can be assured that it's a well crafted suit. Just by learning these few tricks will keep you from buying a poor fitting, poorly crafted suit.

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