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Anatomy of the Modern Power Suit

Anatomy of the Modern Power Suit

One of the most important pieces of any man's wardrobe is the suit. Even if he doesn't wear one regularly to work, every man should have that go to Mens Suits, hanging at the ready for whatever occasion, be it weddings, funerals, or a job interview. But, just like other garments like Mens Blazers, which get updated and recreated by fashion designers on a regular basis, the suit is no exception. The modern power suit emphasizes the male v-shape physique, with an elegant feeling inspired by the dapper officers of World War II.

Possibly the biggest inspiration designers are drawing from this year is the style of the late Prince George, The Duke of Kent. The Kent cut accentuates the masculine form. In Dolce & Gabbana's mens Autumn/Winter collection, the Kent cut is used to give the illusion of a body that has spent hours in the gym, forging broad shoulders and a slim waist.

To recognize today's power suit, you must start at the top. To broaden the shoulders, the blazer features the British rolled shoulder tailoring. Instead of the shoulder padding ending at the shoulder bone line, the British rolled shoulder padding extends over the shoulder and down into the sleeve. The lapels are peaked instead of notched and are longer, extending into the waist, with the overlapping, buttoned front sitting on the waistline. The boxy jacket is out and the more form fitted blazer is in to give shape and height to the wearer. The overall result of this silhouette is to highlight the contrast between the width of the shoulders and the waist.

The flat-front trouser versus pleated-front trouser is still an issue up for debate, but today's suit is at its most up-to-date when the blazer is paired with flat-front trousers. In keeping with the v-shape form, the trousers this year are a slimmer fit.

Staying with the military inspiration, today's power suit blazers sport brass buttons and a double vent in the back. If you rarely wear suits, choose one in a solid color, either navy or gray, which would be appropriate for any occasion. And, always choose a suit in the finest fabric you can afford. For men who wear suits often, a nice selection of solid or tweed in wool or wool-blends to linen and seersucker are available in this silhouette. For the truly fashion forward, the latest men's accessory is the men's fashion brooch. These are larger than normal lapel pins, used to jazz up or personalize a suit.

Trends in fashion come and go, but the suit is here to stay. With a little tweaking it has become more elegant, conjuring up memories of big bands, big wars, and big romance, without losing any of its power.

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