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Article on Stacy Adams Suits

Do you know Stacy Adams? Stacy Adams is not a person. Stacy Adams is the combined name of William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams from Brockton Mass. They founded Stacy Adams Shoe Company Back in 1875. Their intent was to provide men's dress shoes that were superior in Quality for a reasonable price that most people could afford. The Stacy Adams brand has been going strong for over 100 years now and is branded on all kinds of items such and neck ties , belts, and other accessories. Several years ago they started licensing the Stacy Adams name to make Stacy Adams Suits. It just makes good sense to have the synergy of related products mens shoes and suits with the Stacy Adams label . Sort of like selling Peanut Butter and jelly on the same shelf.

Stacy Adams Dress Suits are Manufactured by the same good people who also make Falcone Dress suits. The suits that are made by Stacy Adams use only the latest and best quality fabrics and styles for their suits. Since men who wear Stacy Adams shoes already prefer to dress classy, you won't see some of the flashy styling that you may see on other branded fashion suits. The man who wears a suit by this famous brand doesn't want to stand out in the crowd in a loud bright suit. Instead he wants the comfort and knowledge that he is wearing good looking fantastic fitting suit that commands respect. Stacy Adams brand suits are designed to be classy and made out of extremely fine fabrics. Stacy Adams suits are worn by many famous celebrities and many prominent members of the Clergy. Stacy Adams Suits are a way to look like a Celebrity without spending like a Celebrity.

Stacy Adams suits feature quality touches you can only find in suits costing hundreds more. These name brand suits come with hidden stretch waistbands and hand stitched french faced linings in the interior of the jacket. If you are a Suit Fashion conscience man, you simply will not go wrong wearing any of the suits made by Stacy Adams. They recently came out with a very stunning Tuxedo Dress Suit with a silver Paisley scarf and vest for total visual impact. Shop for Stacy Adams Suits Here.

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