Belvedere Black Ostrich Eel Exotic Brogue Shoes Nino OB4


$469.00 - $489.00
3.00 LBS
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Don't be surprised if you see lesser brands copy this style of Belvedere black eel and ostrich skin shoes next year because this year you'll be wearing them first. These are all new Nino by Belvedere Shoes. These new black eel and ostrich skin shoes showcase a brogue look that has a diagonal style cap toe sort of look that is ready to be worn with your stylish Mens Suits. Featuring real ostrich skin and eel skin these shoes are as exotic looking as can be and are made by hand.

You'll love how great you look on in your new black eel and ostrich skin shoes from Contempo. Since I try to know as much as I can about the items I sell like Belvedere shoes, my customers always ask me what makes these shoes so special and why Belvedere shoes cost as much as they do. Well if you understand and appreciate quality combined with the rarity of exotic leathers like crocodile skin and alligator, it soon starts to make sense to you. As we all know or should know, "you get what you pay for" and generally that applies to the old school of Italian shoe-making techniques that go into every single pair of exotic skin shoes by Belvedere Shoes.

If you didn't know already, every pair of shoes made by Belvedere goes through over 200 individual steps by hand to be manufactured. There are simply no corners cutting in the manufacturing of these shoes and you can immediately see and feel it on your feet. These are shoes that will stay comfortable because they use anatomically correct shoe lasts which make the form of the shoes and give you a comfortable fit every time, Belvedere shoe after Belvedere shoe. You won't find any cheap materials used in Belvedere shoes like plastics, resins, or vinyl like mass-produced shoes use but you will find nothing but exotic skin, for the exterior upper, lambskin leather fully lining the interior, and complete full leather sole and heels. You'll see, feel and smell the difference in these shoes and know that Belvedere shoes are worth every penny you paid for them.