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Belvedere Shoes- How to Care For Them

So, you just ponied up some legitimate money and bought yourself a pair of real Belvedere Shoes. Now, the responsible man doesn't just wear them and then kick them in the closet when he is done, right. You have to know how to take care of shoes like these that are made of exotic skin leather. The first thing I like to do before I even wear them out after trying them on to make sure they fit great is to apply a thin layer of neutral or clear shoe polish to add that extra layer of protection in case the shoes happen to get a few rain drops on them or anything else that you might have spilled on your exotic skin shoes. You don't want your new Belvedere shoes to get splotched up now. Once you apply the clear, you are ready to roll in them.

After an evening out wearing them, please wipe them down to remove any dust or soiling that they might have accumulated so as to protect the exotic skin that they are made out of and then put them into their flannel bag that they came with in the box to keep the dust and even spider webs off of them. If the shoes happen to get soiled, just take a damp and I mean damp rag to gently wipe them down and then air dry or dry with a clean rag before you put your Belvedere Shoes away.

If your Belvedere shoes happen to get scuffed, you can find a matching color cream shoe polish and lightly coat the shoes. It's good to do both at the same time to keep the color matching and let the polish dry thoroughly on the shoes. Afterwards ,you can buff the shoes back to their original shine and your Belvedere Shoes are back in business for another night on the town. Now you know how to take care of them properly and will get your most out of them so they look their best for the longest time possible.

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