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Belvedere Shoes-How They Are Made

If you already own Belvedere shoes, or are shopping online for Belvedere shoes, I feel that it's always nice to know how things are made. You know the moment you first set your eyes on a pair of Belvederes that these shoes are special. If you're a lover of fine exotic skin shoes like crocodile shoes and alligator skin shoes that Belvedere exclusively makes, you need to know that when it comes to dressing your feet, nothing beats the fine crafted shoes that Belvedere of Italy undoubtedly makes. Unlike cheaper shoes that you can buy under a hundred dollars you simply can't beat the craftsmanship,style,fit and comfort that goes into every single pair of Belvedere shoes made. And high end mens shoes like Belvedere shoes feature superior construction techniques that just won't be found on lesser quality shoes. Plus it makes them light weight and comfortable to wear.

A Belvedere Italian Shoe designers vision first originates of a new Italian shoe design when it first gets sketched out on a plastic sheet. To help the Belvedere shoe designer really put the Italian sketch to life and make the designer perfect the shoe style, they put the sketch of the new shoe onto a shoe form which is called a Last. The Exotic skin leathers like crocodile skin and Alligator skin that Belvedere uses for their shoes have variations in them so an exotic skin specialist has to match the grain of the skins and hand cut them to ensure that the right and left shoes match well. Next the Belvedere shoe specialist uses a splitting machine to shave off a layer from the underside of the crocodile skin to equalize the thickness of all the pieces of crocodile skin. The next step is for the Belvedere shoe maker to use a Skiving machine to thin out the edges of the skin to make for easier and smoother sewing. Depending on the style of Belvedere shoes made they will punch decorative manual holes into the skin using a press. The next step is for the Belvedere shoe maker to sew the pieces of skin to make the upper part of the shoes and hand hammer the seams to make them lay flat giving a smoother appearance.

The next step is for the Belvedere shoe maker to glue a leather strip along the border of the upper part of the shoe to hide the part of the leathers unfinished edge and provide a decorative trim for the shoes that are being made. The following step in making Belvedere shoes is to attach a lining made of supple lambskin leather and flax which is then fit over the last form. It allows for the most comfortable type of insole for the shoes. Let's face facts here. Men who pay good money for a pair of luxury shoes are simply not going to put up with uncomfortable shoes the way most women do. That is why these shoes have the added measures done to them to begin with, because in most minds who wear these fine shoes, the luxurious comfort and feel are what you are seeking to begin with. It's no different than spending big money on a luxury car and expecting to feel the most comfort imaginable while sitting and driving inside the car. That is the same philosophy that Belvedere employs when they work their magic with the linings and insoles of their fine hand made shoes. The whole point of wearing great shoes is that they feel great on your feet and that is what you can always expect with these fine exotic skin shoes. It's an experience that no matter how hard I try to express it into words simply has to be experienced in person and then and only then is it truly understood what makes these shoes special.

The next step is to put the lining into the upper part of the shoes and slip them over the last that are being made. Next the insole of the Belvedere shoes in progress has to be glued on which has to have a both rigid section and a flexible section to allow proper walking and comfort that are being made. Now the lining of the shoe needs to be glued onto the upper part or outside part of the shoes and put it into a machine at the front point of the toe of the shoes and pulls everything straight. Next the Belvedere shoe is put into another machine that has mechanical like fingers that pulls the entire upper front part of the shoes straight and glues it making everything symmetrical. Next it's put into a similar shoe machine that does the same exact thing for the back and heel part of the shoes being made.

The very next step is to grind down the bottom of the area where the leather sole is going to be sewn on to create a flat surface ensure a proper surface. The next step, the Belvedere shoe artisans will heat the leather of the upper with a flame to make the leather mailable and hammer the upper until it full assumes the shape of the last and side. The hammering also rids the leather of any unnecessary wrinkles that may have been present before. After those steps are done, the next step is to coat the under side of the shoe with glue where the sole is going to be sewn on. The glue takes about ten minutes to dry and attache the sole to the upper of the Belvedere shoe. The next step is to run the edge of the leather sole through a splitting machine to separate a thin layer of the shoe sole which is then sewn to the upper part of the shoes using heavy duty twine which ensures that the sole of the shoe won't separate from the upper part of the shoes.

Then depending on the style of the Belvedere shoes, the stitching may or may not be hidden on the sole so the edge of the leather sole is then glued and then they grind down the edge of the sole. Afterwards the leather sole is given a thorough polishing to give it slick and fine looking gloss finish not unlike the finish you would see on fine furniture. Afterwards another Belvedere shoe specialist is given the shoes to give it a full polishing to bring out intricacies of the ostrich skin,lizard skin or crocodile uppers. This is the very last step in over 200 different steps that are used to make a pair of hand made Belvedere shoes. So next time you wonder why Belvedere shoes cost as much as they do, you'll realize that plenty of skilled Belvedere shoe artisans made them. Here is where you can buy Belvedere Shoes Online at

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