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Belvedere Shoes-A Treat for Your Feet

Although there are some folks who don't like or appreciate luxury for whatever reasons they have. Most people want and crave luxury,whether it's a lot or little in their life. We all know that life is hard even if there are some people who say life is good, let's face it, life is difficult and we need things that either make it a little easier or things that make it a little more desirable.

We desire Italian shoes that have a style that just isn't boring to look at. We desire sleekness that Italian Designed shoes are just so famous for. So we look for and want some of the finer things in life. One of the finer things in life for men are Belvedere Shoes. In a world filled with poorly made shoes out of inferior materials, Belvedere shoes are a complete 180 degrees in execution.

While most shoes are made of either plastic or as much plastic that the manufacturer can get away with, Belvedere shoes are made of 100% Exotic leather skins such as Crocodile,Alligator,Lizard and Ostrich skin uppers. If you look inside the shoes what do you see, more leather because a pair shoes by Belvedere are completely and mean completely lined in lambskin leather for butter comfort and durability. Shoes that aren't fully lined in leather will not wear as well and aren't nearly as comfortable on your feet.

The moment you slide your foot into a pair of Belvederes you'll know what a luxury shoe should feel like on your feet. When you flip the shoe over what do you see. You see a fully stitched on leather sole that has a finish on it like is used for furniture. A Stacked leather heel with real Brass tacks to help secure the heel to the sole of the shoe. They look almost too nice to walk on, that is how much hand crafted attention was placed on a pair of Belvedere shoes. All of this adds up to all leather and exotic skin leather uppers that makes a quality shoe that no doubt you will fall in love with the moment you put them on your feet. Shop for Belvedere Shoes Here.

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