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Black Suits-The Most Verasitile Color You Can Buy

One of the most important items that any well dressed man should have available in his closet is a black dress suit. The black dress suit is no less important to a manís wardrobe than is a new white canvas for an artist. A mens black suit is so versatile for the fashionable man that it is hard to ignore.

If you watch the way celebrity fashion evolves, watch what they do with a black suit. The style and look may not change that much from year to year but what you can do with it does. One of the current hot styles to wear a black suit is wearing a solid satin dress shirt with the matching color tie and hanky and wearing the same color shoes as the shirt. Heads will definitely turn when you show up at an event. Picture wearing a one of these with letís say a red satin dress shirt and pair of red Italian style crocodile dress shoes. Kaboom. Instant celebrity. If you are really into being noticed, try topping your look off with a red godfather dress hat. Now I donít recommend dressing like that if you are going to someones funeral. You just have to show some respect sometimes. You can go with virtually any color palette you can imagine with a suit that is black. Maybe you just want to wear a contrasting french cuff dress shirt.

The type of dress shirt with the body of the dress shirt one color and the collar and french cuffs are another. Well you can do that as well. So many people just are afraid to do anything different than a white dress shirt. Well, you can do that as well. Just add your favorite colorful silk tie and youíre done.

Iíve mentioned before that Iím a bit of a movie nut. Several films made feature the main characters wearing black suits. The first one that comes to mind is The Blues Brothers. All they wore in the entire movie was their black suit, black hat and sunglasses. Another movie which is a cult classic now is Reservoir Dogs. Great intense film and you guessed it suits that were black and single breasted. All the five members of the Heist Team are wearing black suits with black ties. In the beginning they show them walking out the coffee shop in slow motion just oozing with style. Last but not least is the Men in Black Franchise. Will Smith in the first movie tells his partner after he dons his black suit, ďI make this look goodĒ.

Originally, Black was not a color that traditional Mens Suits were made in. Black was always considered a Formal wear color for Tuxedos and dinner jackets. You were able to get a suit in a dark charcoal but never quite black. Those days are over and black suits are not only all over the landscape but happen to be one of the best selling colors for suits not involved for business. In an office environment it's still the navy,grey and charcoals of the color palette. Shop for cheap Black Suits Here.

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