Mens Clothing Suits-How Times Have Changed

Posted by Aaron Sarfati on Jul 19, 2023

In a civilized world that we live in, looking properly attired is a sure fired way to garner attention from those that you may be seeking. If you're trying to dress appropriately you wouldn't want to wear just jeans and t shirt would you. No. In the world of Mens Suits, the absolute best way to look in a manner that you are a serious minded person and a force to reckon with. In the world we live in, Mens clothing when it comes to suits are business like and proper looking in nature and simply garner the wearer an instant air of superiority both financially and socially than the average Joe.

I'm always surprised at how many men I know that have to wear a suit for their job completely slob out on the weekends looking like complete bums. If you're going to have weekend clothes at least dress with some sort of decorum. Nobody is saying you have to wear your suits while going food shopping but at least dress nice. In terms of Mens clothing, a nice suit will always make you stand out from the crowd of T shirts. Remember, years ago, all men of means wouldn't be caught dead not wearing a suit in public. Wearing simple mens clothing that wasn't a suit would show a sign of poverty. Now it has become a complete reversal. I think the 1960s changed the whole landscape of mens clothing and suits.

I always like looking at old pictures and see men completely dressed up in a suit at football games. Mind blowing isn't it. You're lucky now to see any man wearing a proper pair of shoes, never mind dressed in a suit. Now all you see is team jerseys,caps and sneakers. Not a suit to seen unless it is the owner up in the box. Amazing how things have changed.