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Brown Pinstripe Suit-More Versatile than You Think

In the world of Mens Suits, we all know that first choices taken will be either gray, navy or a black suit. We have been conditioned that these are the primary suit colors for our wardrobe but are ignoring a very rich elegant color that worked with a variety of dress shirts, I'm talking about a brown suit, name a pinstripe brown suit. It's a suit color that seems to get ignored way too often these days but was extremely popular back in the days when all men wore hats.

A brown pinstripe suit is extremely versatile if you know how to wear them. I think brown may have been cast aside for many because it does take a sense of style to really make it look great compared to the navy suit wearer with the white shirt and red color tie. You see with a brown pinstripe suit you can wear shirts that really bring out the richness of the color and make peoples heads turn to take a look at you and see how well put together you are.

A brown color pinstripe suit looks simply amazing with a french blue dress shirt and contrasting tie. It really brings out the earthiness of the brown. A pink shirt also has the same effect because it's duality of colors with the brown being dark and rich and pink being light. When you pair those two colors up with the properly matching tie, watch out. Now naturally the first primary color dress shirts to wear with a brown pinstripe suit is white of course followed closely with a cream or ivory color shirt.

Now if you're going with the cream color shirt, I recommend going with brown colored tie and with white you can do the same or play around a little with the colors to see which match the suit better. I personally prefer to wear a color like the french blue or pink shirt because of what it brings to the brown color suits made of pinstripe fabric. Because those colors are not first choice colors like a white shirt, it will immediately show people that you know how to wear a suit and that you don't only wear a suit when you have to but because you want to. It's a big difference in terms of philosophy and readily apparent to anyone who notices. So fear not suit wearer and broaden your horizons a bit a take a look into the world of the brown hue pinstripe suit. Find the style of Brown Pinstripe Suit you are shopping for here.

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