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Budget Priced Mens Suits

Most people no matter whether they are rich or poor like to save money if they earned it. I know plenty of well heeled people who simply don't like to pay full price on anything and why should they. It's their money. These days you can buy Budget priced mens suits that are very high quality for around $100. This sort of price was almost unheard of many years ago because making a suit with any kind of quality concerning the construction, fit and fabric just couldn't be done for a reasonable price. The reason that Cheap Suits could not be made into a suit that any man who appreciates quality could be made is that most of the suits were either made in places budget priced manufacturing areas that didn't know how to make a decent suit at a price or not.

The second is that the rest of suits for men made were manufactured in the USA. Now the USA has always made very high quality clothing like suits if you were willing to pay dearly for it. They still make very high quality mens suits that you will see in specialty stores and department stores but guess what, they ain't cheap. Not by a long shot. It takes a lot of time and steps to make a suit and if the price of manufacturing is a problem for you, in order to make that suit at a price, you are going to need to cut corners on quality. What do I mean exactly. Well as the saying goes "there is more than one way to skin a cat" and in the suit making business, there is more than one way to make a suit.

Usually what happens is that in order to make a budget priced suit that is made in a high cost labor area you need to do it by using cheaper fabric that may not hold up well, and sew the fabric using longer stitches that don't hold up as well and use less seams and finishing seams all on the inside of suit where you don't see them but will affect the wear and life span of the suit. You may buy that mens suit and think you got your self a deal on that suit but once you start to wear it you notice, hey, this suit doesn't fit very well and something about the lapels aren't quite right or aren't laying flat the way they should. Maybe the shoulders are starting to pucker or sag. There could be all the of the reasons stated why that budget price suit is really garbage.

Well, this all changed once many suit makers discovered that China started making quality suits. This was about 15-20 years ago. Mens suit makers learned that they could have budget priced mens suits made in all kinds of traditional and fashion styles that were as high in quality as suits selling for hundreds of dollars. They discovered that because the cost of manufacturing was very low, they didn't have to cut any corners in order to make budget priced mens suits. The suit could have the fine construction in the suit jackets with good quality seams, linings and fabric that was just impossible otherwise. This enabled the budget priced mens suit maker to provide suits that could retail for the Hundred dollar range and look absolutely stellar.

They didn't have to worry that their budget priced mens suits were going to pucker in the shoulders or sag. They didn't worry that that the seams were going to pull in ways that shouldn't happen, they didn't have to worry about any of these problems with budget price suits. The new problem became only getting these budget priced suits made fast enough for the demand. Now the labor in China is starting to rise in cost which will make the cost of mens suits rise but you need not worry too much because there are many suit factories in China now and we all know what happens with competition. So the cost of a budget priced suit should only go up somewhat, they will still be very affordable.

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