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Button Mens Suits-How Many is Correct

If you're new to the world of wearing Mens Suits it won't take long for you to educate yourself in the types of suits and fabrics that are available at your disposal. One of first things you need to learn about are the different number of Button Mens Suits. On a basic single breasted suit you will see that you have a choice in the number of button styles available. Your basic choices for traditional style suits is either 2 Button or 3 Button style Suits. There are many versions available that have four or more buttons but those are generally only for fashion and not for a business environment. So lets stick to either two or three button styles for men. The most popular is the single breasted 2 button because of it's dominance in the business world. Suits that come with 2 buttons are what you see and are ubiquitous in the world of finance. They are business uniform of power and there are simply no other button suits that are as powerful. If you notice what Presidents wear, both past and present, you will see them wear nothing but 2 button style suits.

Now if you're looking for a throwback of mens suit style, I strongly consider checking out 3 button style versions. The three button type used to called the Sack Suit because of it's boxier look compared to a standard 2 Button mens suit. It's a look that was very popular in Ivy League Schools and were king of suits back in the 1950s. It is very common to see 3 button mens suits masquerading as 2 button mens suit by the way the lapels are pressed making the actual top button hidden and just using the center button to fasten the coat and leaving the bottom button open as usual. Since you have entered the world of mens suits there is simply no reason to marry one type or the other. A respectable mens suit wardrobe gives a man plenty to choose from. Shop for Button Mens Suits Here.

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