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Buy Mens Suits-A Tutorial

Whether you've been wearing Mens Suits on a regular basis for years or are turning over a new leaf to dressing sophisticated, here is a simple tutorial because you are shopping online and want to buy the right ones because you want to improve your wardrobe doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on fit and quality. Now I know, when you think of what is necessary to buy the style that you need, you may think that you'll probably need to ship the suit back and forth to find one that fits. That is not necessary at all. If anything, one of the most important aspects you need to know in order to shop for any style is to know your suit size.

Just because you used to wear a certain size a few years ago doesn't mean that you still wear that suit size. Are you getting younger or older. My guess is that you're getting older. Are you staying in shape and eating right? Hmm. Get your self a cloth tape measure which are sold in both supermarkets,chain drugstores etc. Have someone carefully measure your chest with a dress shirt or simple t-shirt on with your arms down standing naturally. That will be your suit jacket size. Now have your waist measured, Okay, if your waist size corresponds with your chest size you are ready to start shopping, if not then you will have to consider that when you your online purchase you will need to get some minor alterations done to the waist of the pants to properly fit. First things first, the fabric on that you see when you find a suit you like should have a pleasing touch. Personally, I prefer the 100% wool or wool touch poly/rayon fabric that is a Super 120s weave or better. That is the thread count per square inch which makes a finer quality fabric. You want the fabric to look good as well as feel good.

Second thing to consider when you are shopping is the suit construction in a good quality suit. The jacket should have chest piece that semi floats and isn't completely glued into the jacket. Semi floating means that it is partially stitched into the jacket. If the chest piece is completely glued into the jacket, it will look like complete garbage after it's dry cleaned and pressed for the first time because the dry cleaning chemicals will dissolve the glue holding the canvas chest piece structure in a cheap suit. It can be partially glued and partially sewn.

The last thing to consider when you want to buy a suit online is how it fits. Now when you find one that is to your liking, the fit of a proper fitting jacket is subject to the manufacturer doing their homework on how a good fitting suit should fit and isn't really based on the cost of the of style that you buy. You can pay big bucks on a quality made suit that you buy that fits terrible or spend a hundred dollars when you buy an inexpensive priced one that fits like a dream. So you just need to know how a good suit should fit when you are shopping. Some brands have perfected the quality tailoring of an inexpensive brand suit made with finely woven fabrics and you would never go wrong buying either two brands. The fit on a Vinci or Vittorio St. Angelo suit is just what you want because it fits the torso properly in an Italian cut style and the lapel hugs the neck in a fashion that a quality fitting suit should fit.

You won't find any unnecessary gapping or pulling where there shouldn't be and that is how you know you got yourself a quality made inexpensive suit that will last you season after season. If you take my advice, you'll quickly learn how to shop with out the anxiety and heartache.

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