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When it comes to men's suit fashion, nothing completes your look like wearing a pair of crocodile dress shoes. As anyone should know, crocodile dress shoes are made of just that, genuine crocodile skin. Since these wily reptiles are an endangered species there aren't a lot of Crocodile Shoes on the market due to the rarity of the skin and the cost. Genuine skin shoes made of crocodile leather will cost several hundreds of dollars and just aren't affordable for most people like any other luxury. Shoes made of this reptile skin can be made of different parts of the crocodile giving the knobby texture completely different looks. This is accomplished by using either the skin of the belly or the horned back portion of the crocodile which has literally horns sticking out giving the shoes a very rugged look. For a more sophisticated look I would recommend going with a shoe made of the reptile belly or sides. It's more sleek looking and has the texture that most are familiar with when it comes to crocodile shoes.

Now for most people who simply choke at the thought of spending $300 or more on genuine crocodile shoes there is a very viable alternative. Embossed leather dress shoes. Shoe makers such as Stacy Adams and Giorgio Brutini have become experts in taking leather and using a high pressure stamping machine to stamp a very realistic crocodile print into the leather and then fashion them into stylish mens dress shoes. They have become so adept at it that is hard to visually distinguish the real crocodile skin from the cowhide skin. Plus it gives you that identical look that you crave without emptying your pockets, and I do mean pockets. Crocodile printed dress shoes come in a whole array of styles, colors and color combinations for the fashionable suit wearer. With a little boldness and imagination your choices can take you far.

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