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Crocodile Shoes-How Can I Tell If They Are Real

Having the real thing has always been important to me and I'm sure it is to you, and that goes for Crocodile Shoes as well. As anyone would well know there are plenty of look alike styles available for crocodile mens shoes from your very fake looking shoes made of vinyl to your more realistic shoes made of almost convincing printed leather. The prices can literally be all over the place from the very cheap eBay stuff to the hand made versions made of printed leathers. First we'll get the overly fake looking crocodile shoes made of plastic out of the way. You know these shoes are fake the moment you lay your eyes on them by either their overly shiny appearance to the not so convincing look of the crocodile texture that was poorly done. They look like plastic and will even smell like plastic. They don't do authenticity any type of justice simply because of how unrealistic looking they are in comparison.

Even if you can get past the shininess of the fake crocodile shoes, you won't be able to get past the fact that the scales look absolutely nothing like real crocodile mens shoes or Alligator Shoes for that matter. No way, no how. Plus the plastic fake reptile style shoes usually have very cheap looking plastic sole and heel combinations that have been glued on entirely and don't look like they will last more than a couple wears. They may even have fake stitching on the soles but still not very convincing. The fully synthetic plastic soles are made of pre-molded polyurethane plastic which not only look nothing like a genuine hand made leather sole, they are also light in weight and don't have that quality heft that you find in the real article. If you take them apart, you will also find that heel and sole combination are a one piece mold created production with the heel part of the sole heel combination being hollowed out in a honeycomb sort of way for both lightness and using less of the plastic product as well for production purposes. You can tell that these heel and sole combinations are simply not made to last are made to worn a few times here and there and then dis-guarded. They are literally disposable dress shoes for the man who rarely wears dress shoes.

On the more expensive imitation crocodile shoes which are made of leather, you can expect to pay about $70 or $80 and although the shoe manufacturer does a much better job of it, you can still tell they are not genuine article and here's how. First although made of leather and heat pressed into crocodile printed scales, you simply can't replicate the true texture and feel of real crocodile shoes. Genuine Crocodile skin has a texture that almost feels like snake skin. The skin has a natural grain to it that you can feel by rubbing the skin in one direction and then rub in the other direction and feel a difference. That can't be duplicated by a high pressure press. The pressed leather on say a pair of Stacy Adams shoes won't have that unilateral texture that you find on real crocodile skin. It can't because there really is not way to duplicate the way how real skin feels. It's that subtly that gives you the feel and distinct nature that that the shoes are made of the genuine article. The leather that is also used and imprinted is usually of an inferior grade since it is going to be printed into a crocodile printed pattern so it may have all sorts of scars in the leather as well as holes where perhaps the cow may have punctured it's skin on the barbed wire fence that it was once penned in. In this case, the leather is treated with a type of latex urethane coating to fill and "correct" the imperfections that the leather has. This is called "corrected leather". Once the leather has been "corrected", then it is subjected to the crocodile pattern print to be made into faux crocodile skin.

Real crocodile shoes just have a suppleness to the skin that will get completely lost on printed leather just because the croc print on leather is done with high pressure literally crushing the leather and taking away any suppleness it may have had. Plus on imitation printed leather crocodile style shoes, all you need to do is look at the other details like the interior of the shoe which a shoe maker will always cheap out on if they can and will to keep costs down. If the shoes are lined in leather it will not be fully lined and will use inferior grades of leather such as pigskin or don't use real leather at all inside but use leather looking vinyl. Imitation shoes are almost always about price point. It's the price point that always dictates the quality of the finished product and a pair of fake crocodile shoes have to abide by those rules of cost cutting and inferior makeup. Real crocodile shoes never abide by cost cutting and it shows.

The forefoot of the fake crocodile looking shoe will not use leather lining at all but use some sort of cloth fabric instead. It's one of the easiest ways I feel to distinguish between cheaply made shoes and fine hand made shoes. If you go into any big box shoe warehouse store, you will see that probably 90 percent of the shoes there do not have full leather linings. They are all made to be worn perhaps a season and not more. Now the soles used on the imitation crocodile shoes may or may not be made of leather, if they are leather they are cheaply attached by either glue alone or halfway stitched and glued for the remainder of the sole. The leather will be glued to a piece of hard rubber and then attached to the upper part of the shoe. You will be able to tell that the sole of the shoes are not genuine stacked leather heels that have been shaped into a heel and hand nailed onto the genuine leather and highly polished soles that real crocodile shoes for men would have. You can also let your nose tell that the shoes you are looking to buy are real crocodile shoes.

When you first pull those real crocodile shoes out of the box that you are looking to buy, you will notice immediately the rich aromatic smell of real Italian leather, unlike cheap shoes that use tons of glue and give of glue vapors, genuine exotic skin mens shoes use very little glue at all so the rich smell of Italian crocodile skins and leather is all you smell. Plus on authentic crocodile shoes there will be stamps into the sole stating that the shoes are made of genuine leather in Italian and stating that the shoes are genuine crocodile by either a stamp into the leather or a miniature brass plaque that has been nailed onto the sole. Let's face it when you're buying real crocodile shoes it won't take long to realize that they are genuine crocodile shoes and not some look alike mass produce copy.

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