Mens White Tuxedo Vest Set Shiny Satin VS801

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If you're going to a Prom or a Wedding for the evening and are going to wear a Tuxedo, there is a very strong possibility that you just might need a shiny white tuxedo vest with the matching tie to match either your date for the evening or the rest of the Groomsmen. A white tuxedo vest has that stunning visual appeal that makes it so popular to go with a tuxedo whether you wear black or white. This white tuxedo vest and tie set is made by Daniel Ellissa and features a Solid color shiny adjustable vest with a matching Neck tie, Bow Tie, and Hanky all in one package giving you the option that you'll need for your Formal Wear Evening out. Fabric is made of poly satin that you'll swear is silk. These white tuxedo vest sets are available for Group Orders.