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Deals on Suits-Features to Look For

Are you the type who is always looking for a deal. You know, Deals on Mens Suits. I mean a real Bargain? Maybe you're a man who is just more careful with your money than most. When shopping for suit deals, there are a number of things to consider first.

The important thing to consider is how will that suit hold up after a couple wears and the dry cleaners. I've always said that if a suit doesn't hold up from the cleaners, you didn't really get a deal on that suit, did you. Maybe you're saying that the suit you bought was a deal. Well, for the manufacturers to make that bargain priced suit, they needed to cut some corners. A lot of corners. One of the first corners that the manufacturer will cut will be the fabric. There are fabrics used for suits that look like a certain familiar suit fabric but they don't wear well. The fabric will start to get pulls in it almost like a pair of stockings or the suit deal fabric will pill in wear spots like the elbows and inner thighs. The suit fabric may not hold it's color well after the cleaners as well. That is what a cheap suit is made of. Not such a good deal is it.

Another way that suit manufacturers will cut corners is cutting the number of stitched out of the seams. If a better quality suit requires say 15 stitches per inch, a suit that you can buy for a so called "deal" may only use 10 or less. Guess how well those seams will hold up. Not very well. Another cost cutting method that suit manufacturing corners are cut and I believe it to be the absolute worst is fusing the chest piece of the jacket. Every suit needs a chest piece to give the suit jacket it's structure. On the best suits it's a full chest piece and it's sewn. There are several steps to cutting corners on this and the absolute worst is a fully fused or glued in chest piece. Well, you may be saying what's the big deal with my bargain priced suit having one of those. The Big deal will come when you drop that suit off at the cleaners and they clean it like any other suit.

Dry cleaning chemicals will dissolve the glue and your jacket will be ruined. When you get your suit back you will see all kinds of puckering in the front of your suit jacket where the glue dissolved making the suit jacket look like garbage. It's time for you to buy a new suit. If there is one thing you should avoid is a fully fused chest piece on your suits. Although has many Deals on Suits available, we go through great strides to ensure that the suit you are getting is well made, fits well and you'll get your money's worth when getting a deal on a suit here.

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