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Dress Suits-It's What You Wear to Church

You've got your mens suits and then you've got your dress suits. Now we all know that there are some suits that you have to wear to work or for functions of business of some kind and you're not wearing it to look stylish or stunning and you really are just wearing the suit to work respectable. It's quite understandable when the function of business is at play. Dress Suits are for quite the opposite. These are suits you wear to Church or special events. You are no longer on the clock or showing up for a business event but are trying to dress your very best and that is where the dress suit fits in. Dress suits by their nature are suits that either are very stylish or just a little stylish but regardless of style they serve the function of making you look your very best which is why they are perfect for wearing to Church because you can really allow your style to come through in a manner that you can't wearing business suit which is more of a uniform.

People may wear dress suits to Church on Sunday or perhaps someones wedding or religious party of function when looking your best is always a very good choice. There are some dress suits that mimic your basic business suit in style but will be made of fabric that is more stylish in pattern or color. The fabric may be woven in a hounds tooth or perhaps a satin stripe or shadow stripe fabric that you would just never see on a business suit because the fabric is just too flashy for the work place but great to wear to Church. You may see the fabric in a window pane or perhaps a plaid with an eye catching color woven in that completely separates that suit from anything you would ever wear to an office.

The main thing to understand is that dress suits are for those times when standing out is far more important than blending in. You want to be noticed by either friends or those of the opposite sex and right dress suits that looks good on you is just what it takes to get you to that special social occasion when fun and friends is what makes life what is wonderful to begin with.

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