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Fancy Dinner Jacket

The Fancy Dinner Jacket is the style of jacket that a man who has tastes that run on the stylish edge wears when an opportunity arises or if the man is a stage entertainer. I've always said that there are two types of men when it comes to fashion. Those who embrace it and those who avoid fashion. The fancy dinner jacket of course runs to the former and certainly not the latter.

What makes a fancy dinner jacket anyway? It's all about the lack of conformity. Those certain details make it stand out from your basic dinner jacket. We can all agree that a dinner jacket is basically a tuxedo jacket. Nothing more than a suit style jacket with the addition of satin lapels, trim and covered buttons. Add those things to the manufacturing of the suit jacket and now you have a dinner jacket. Now when the basic dinner jacket has lost its oomph and you need to make an impact in a visual manner, flavor needs to be added. In the menswear industry that flavor is threefold. Color, patterns, and styles.

Taking the basic design of a dinner jacket, you can completely change its intended design by getting away from your standard black or white dinner jacket and adding colors that you wouldn't normally see. Colors, such as red, purple, blue, gold, or even silver. Those bolder colors will completely change the dinner jacket to a style that has now become fashion oriented. It's a pretty easy way to transform the ordinary dinner jacket into a fancy dinner jacket.

Another fashion trick is the use of fancy patterned fabrics. The choice of fabrics that can be used for a fancy dinner jacket is quite extraordinary. There is your woven tone on tone patterns such as shadow stripes, paisleys, or even other patterns like snake skin that is tonal in nature or the fancy fabric can be a multi-color pattern of whatever the designers heart desires. Believe me, the sky is the limit to what can be used when it comes to a fancy pattern dinner jacket. Animal prints, paisleys, and even metallic splash foil pattern fabrics. Pretty much anything that is current and at the designer's disposal can be used for making fancy dinner jackets these days.

The actual style of the dinner jacket is another cog in the design process of course. This is where being a designer becomes an art form because it is an art form. Instead of your basic two-button single-breasted style jacket with notched lapels, the designer will change up the lapels or add some sort of trim to the jacket. They may widen or narrow the lapels. They may use an eye-catching type of button or put fancier style pockets on the dinner jacket, all with the intention of creating something unique and fancy. When boring just won't do for the nightlife, a fancy dinner jacket should bring the party to life.

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