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Fashion Suits-What You Need to Know

Fashion suits are for the man that looks for more style than traditional style suits may bring to the table. Now you may have heard the expression that "One Size fits All". Well when it comes to Fashion Suits, that expression just doesn't hold water. The reason is simple really. It takes a man who doesn't go by conventional style to properly pull off a fashion suit. Fashion suits are usually the complete opposite of classic suits on the suit spectrum. The reason is pretty simple. Fashion suits have all kinds of stylish features,fabrics and colors that you would never ever find on a basic mens suit. Mens fashion suits may have wide outlandish lapels and contrast stitching that is never found on a basic mens suit.

Fashion suits may have longer cut suit coats and baggier wide leg pants with creative looking pleats not found on a regular suit. You may see different style features like inverted back pleats or belted looks. Perhaps loud plaids and contrasting sleeve cuffs will be used. We also sell three piece suits with reversible vests that match either the jacket pattern or the solid covered pants. Fashion suits are usually made of poly/rayon fabrics in textures and colors that can't be duplicated in wool suits with the different weaves and shininess. You may see extremely bold stripes that are solid in appearance in a fashion suit or fancy cloth covered buttons or even hidden buttons on flashy fashion suit. There really isn't any limits to what fashion suit designers won't do. One thing you won't do by wearing fashion suits is blend in quietly.


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