Fratello Mens Light Gray Wide Legged Pants Slacks DP-106

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Mens light gray wide legged pants are for men who favor that Steve Harvey style look and these Mens Silver Wide Leg Dress Pants are no exception. Featuring cuffs and pleats. Made of Soft Poly fabric. It takes a certain type of stylish man who knows how to dress with taste and sophistication. A pair Silver Wide Leg Dress Pants by Fratello should certainly take your style their. You can keep it sharp and simple simply by wearing these silver wide leg dress pants with a black shirt and black shoes and keep it moving in style.

Fratello Light Gray Wide Leg Dress Pants

  • Wide Leg Style
  • 11 Inch Wide Leg Openings
  • Side Vents in Back
  • Regular Zipper
  • Cuffed Bottoms
  • Lined to Knee
  • Double Pleated Front
  • Slit Back Pockets with Buttons
  • Triple Closure
  • Solid Light Gray Color
  • Ultra Soft Poly Microfiber Fabric