Fratello Slacks Mens Wide Leg Dress Pants Navy Baggy Trousers DP-106

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You'll get the party people to stop and stare quick when you show up wearing these mens navy blue wide leg dress pants from Fratello. Wide leg dress pants are not for men who want to blend into the wood work but are for men who want to dress stylish and get noticed as well. These mens navy blue wide leg dress pants have those eleven inch bottom legs that are just money with cuffs as well. They will show just the right amount of your shoes and drape like they were sent from heaven. Made of fine micro poly fabric. You'll look like you own the joint for sure when you wear these mens navy blue wide leg dress pants from Contempo. These Wide leg suit pants will have you looking like a Boss. Take your style to the next level when you wear a Double Breasted Suit from Contempo Suits.

Fratello Navy Wide Leg Dress Pants

  • Wide Leg Style
  • 11 Inch Wide Leg Openings
  • Side Vents in Back
  • Regular Zipper
  • Cuffed Bottoms
  • Lined to Knee
  • Double Pleated Front
  • Slit Back Pockets with Buttons
  • Triple Closure
  • Solid Navy Color
  • Ultra Soft Poly Microfiber Fabric