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How To Care For Linen Clothes

Now if you're new to the universe of Linen Clothing for Men, you need to know what to do with your Mens linen pants and Mens linen shirts after wearing them. As anyone will tell you, Linen will wrinkle, no if's, and or buts. It's just the nature of linen clothing. It's casual and comfortable and not made to look like a worsted wool suit. Now there are ways to keep a linen shirt from becoming a total wrinkled mess. I don't think you want to look rumpled when you go somewhere with your Stacy Adams Shoes on your feet. Of course not. I hope you're handy with an Iron. You are. Good. Here is what you need to do. Prior to putting on that new Linen Outfit, pull out your Iron and Ironing board and a can of Sizing, which is basically starch in a can. Proceed to Iron your linen outfit starting with collar and sleeves on the shirt and give a spray of Sizing prior and iron the area. The same care can be applied for Linen Suits for Men if you like doing things yourself.

Next step is to do the body part of the Linen shirt and spray the Sizing prior to ironing. Done. Next step is to do the pants the same way. The reason you want to use Sizing is that the starch gives Linen body, so it will stand up better and helps you iron out the wrinkles better. You see, without using starch or Sizing, linen fabric has little to no body, it will just sort of look like it's wilting but with the Sizing sprayed on, Linen will have a neat and crisp appearance which is what you want when you are wearing a Linen outfit. There are some Linen outfits that are not made to look crisp, but most need a little help. Now the Sizing will not only give your Linen clothes body but will also help keep your Linen from wrinkling as much. It will wrinkle, starch or not, but it will look a hundred times better on you.

Now when the time comes to clean your Linen clothes, you have two routes to go. You can take your clothes to the cleaners and spend a small fortune on cleaning or do what I prefer to do and wash them myself. It's not hard to wash them yourself at home if you know what to do and use some care. The first thing you want to do is make sure you wash your light color linen clothes with light colors of course. This is always important. The next step is make sure that your washing machine is on gentle cycle only. You can't have your linen clothing getting the bejesus beat out of it. Make sure you don't use too much detergent because on gentle cycle, the agitator on the washing machine doesn't work as fast so use less detergent overall. Once the washing cycle is finished, pull your linen clothing out of the washer and smooth the wrinkles out them. Just gently pull the fabric and smooth it some. It doesn't have to be perfect.

After they have dried you can now get ready to iron them. Now I hope you have a decent ironing board and iron. First thing you do with the shirt is the sleeves and collar. Lay them flat and smooth them out the best that you can and you can either spray them with a light mist of water or if you prefer the more crisp look that they looked like when you bought them, you can use spray starch or Sizing as it's called. Give it a light spray and press it flat with your iron. Next step do the same thing with each panel of the body of shirt. Start with one front side and press and work your way around the body of the shirt until you are finished, then you do the pants. Now the thing to keep in mind is wrinkles, don't worry about them because linen fabric is made to wrinkle and will start to wrinkle immediately after wearing your linen outfit. It's just the nature of linen fabric and lends itself to it's casual nature. The Sizing or spray starch will help in keeping the linen crisper,longer so use it if wrinkles bother you. Plus, it does give the linen fabric body to stay it's shape. If shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to press your linen outfit once you know how and look how much money you saved on dry cleaning in the process. Now you're linen outfit is ready to wear again.

Next step is to hang up your shirt on a hanger, preferably plastic, so no rust or wood stain ends up on your linen shirt. Take the pants and hang them on a pants or skirt hanger which have the clips on the sides and let them dry fully. Once they have dried, you can now take the steps mentioned earlier and Iron your freshly washed Linen Outfit. So, if you take a little bit of care and pride in your clothing, taking care of Linen Clothes is not hard at all and you'll be proud of yourself by taking care of your clothes yourself and save tons of money on cleaning bills.

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