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How to Look Better Wearing Mens Suits

If you're a casual observer of well dressed people like I am. You will soon start to notice that some people got it and some people don't. Got what, you ask. Style. Yes, style. I see many people, especially business people who just don't look good in suits. It's no different than a uniform for them and they keep it completely devoid of any kind of style. When you are wearing mens suits, it's important to do the most with what you have. You don't have to spend over a thousand dollars on mens suits. No.

What you need to do is develop your sense of style. In fact, one the best and cheapest ways to develop your sense of mens suit style is how you wear that neck tie of yours. Did you ever notice that some people just look better put together in their suits. The answer may be the way they tie their neck ties. I'm talking about the Windsor Knot. The Windsor Knot is something that I want any man who is serious about their mens suits to wear. The windsor knot is the fat triangular knot that the Duke of Windsor's Grandfather Edward the Seventh made popular. He favored ties made with thicker cloth to make for a fat knot when he was wearing spread collar shirts. Wearing your ties in a Winsor knot with your mens suits will make you stand out in the crowd because there is something about the larger knot that creates a regal appearance and just looks like you really know your stuff when it comes to mens suits.

You can take any tie you have and tie it in a Windsor Knot and you will give new life to that tie and really look fantastic. If you don't know how to tie a tie in a Windsor knot, I highly recommend going on You Tube and finding a clip with someone showing how to tie one. Once you learn how you will never wear your suits the old way again.


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