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How to Wear a Suit

How to wear a suit is something that you'll see that many men who wear them just don't properly understand. I know there are plenty of movie fans out there reading this. In the movie "Men in Black", Will Smith is pointed to a locker containing a a black suit, white dress shirt, black tie, and black shoes. His mentor played by Tommy Lee Jones tells him quite frankly that "this is the last suit you'll ever need." A moment later Will Smith is all dressed up in his new black suit attire and says, "You know the difference between you and me? I make this look good." Well, you know he what, Will Smith did make that black suit look good. How could that be, when they had identical black suits, white shirts, black ties and black shoes? The answer is style.

Style is the certain something that makes one man stand out in the crowd and sets him apart from herd. When it comes to wearing mens suits or even classy looking Mens Blazers, your suit should fit you properly, be hemmed to your length properly and be nicely pressed. Just because you put on a suit does not mean that you will look your best. Personal style is made of several things. The first is confidence. When you put on a suit, you should feel almost transformed. I know whenever I put on a suit, I feel important and look my best. Wearing a suit puts a little swagger in my step, a snap in my stride and makes my confidence levels go through the roof. I see so many people who wear suits that look like complete shlubs. If you don't know the what this Yiddish word means you'll know it quickly when you see some one wearing a suit that looks like they may have slept in it. Go to any wedding or special occasion and see who looks their best in a suit and who looks like complete slobs. Shirts, not properly tucked in, slacks not sitting correctly on their waist, and suit jacket just not fitting correctly. Not exactly the proper way to wear a suit. Not by a long shot.

The second point is making sure your shoes are in good condition and polished, your dress shirt is nicely pressed and your suit is pressed as well. Nothing makes your suit style look worse than wearing dress shirt that is not properly pressed. How can you put on any shirt where the collar, cuffs and button plackets are not pressed and looked wrinkled. How can you put on a suit that has a wrinkled jacket and trousers that don't have sharp creases in them. Nothing says slob like wearing a pair of shoes that either don't belong with a suit or have seen better days. The proper way to don your suit has to be correct from head to toe and should also improve your body language and confidence levels. So as Will Smith's said "I make this look good", you can too. Once you learn how to properly dress, People will notice in ways that you never thought possible.

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